Day 3: Rain and Jazz

Today I took several steps toward establishing a life in the city, versus just a visit.

I discovered that moving over daylight savings weekend to a different time zone is a great idea, as you hardly notice the difference. Of course, I’m not that tired now when starting work in the morning, but I suppose I’ll adjust at some point.

At any rate, the change (thankfully) didn’t affect me much when I awoke at 6 a.m. (previously known as 5 a.m.) to leave the apartment by 7 so I could run over to Team Challenge SF practice at the Presidio. That went really well and I was glad to start meeting new people on my own. We met in a store called Sports Basement, which I’ll definitely have to go back and shop at. They had a fantastic community space and delicious snacks while we had a meeting afterword. In addition to expected fare of fruit, juice and muffin, they’d put out some sort of flaxseed dense pastry that was delicious. We also got to sample Clif Shot Bloks, much more palatable than I’d have guessed.

The heavy mileage and the exhaustion of everything hit me when I got home though, and I promptly passed out until after 1 p.m. Scheduled to go view a nearby apartment at 3, I didn’t have it in me to venture too far. After a quick check in call from Yesh (great to hear from Wisconsin, feel free to call me guys!), en route to the place I swung into Atlas Cafe to grab a cup of coffee and a chocolate chip cookie for a quick pick me up. It was a cute little hangout and the Equator Coffee Rwanda Fancy Komera blend did just the trick of perking me up for my housing scoping.

The viewing I had next was fantastic. I loved the room and the roommates. I have been warned not to get my hopes up, but the place just felt *right* for me. I emailed them tonight to let them know how interested I am, so keep your fingers crossed. I’m still continuing to look, and I guess the upside is even if I’m not accepted into this place, I know a bit more of the kind of vibe I’m looking for now. Let’s just hope I can find that in the next three weeks. Or these folks just want me to be their awesome new roommate, that would work too.

I had about 45 minutes to make my way across town to “Lower Haight” to scope the next place on my viewing schedule. Unfortunately it was mislabeled and was really Pacific Heights (verified by the other woman attending the showing). I took the 22-Fillmore bus through actual Lower Haight, a very long way further. Since I didn’t have time to eat a proper meal before heading I broke a $20 for the bus by snagging some plantain chips at a Mexican grocer near 16th & Mission. Sooooo delicious.

At any rate, the place wasn’t really my scene, but I decided to take the opportunity to walk back via Fillmore. Although it began to rain, I opted to detour up to the Painted Ladies, which I don’t know if I’ve ever actually been to. The views from Alamo Square are impressive and I’ll have to go back when it’s not about to pour.

And downpour it did. I took refuge in a Muni shelter, but am now thankful that the bus was horrifically late because as soon as it let up, I continued to wander until I reached the heart of the actual Lower Haight at Haight & Fillmore. I began to wander up Haight and was drawn by the sound of loud, live jazz music. I located the source — Cafe International — and had to go check it out. I’m so, so, so glad I followed the jazz (new life rule: when in doubt, follow the jazz) because what I found was a cozy, friendly, excellent place that I could envision myself hanging out in for hours being creatively inspired.

Having come in from the rain I grabbed a generous cup of broccoli cheese soup and lemon ginger tea and journaled a bit while tapping my toes to the gorgeous music wafting through the café.

Time floated away from me and with the extra hour of sunlight I realized I best get back to decompress before my big first day. I resisted the temptation to try Three Twins Ice Cream and hopped a bus back to the Mission. I did make peace with the fact that if this housing choice falls through, I’ll be content continuing to explore other neighborhoods.

I’ve spent the evening chilling and made sure to watch Helvetica for an overview of my new industry. We will see what tomorrow brings!


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