Day 4 (or 3.14): Happy Pi Day!


As planned out as infinity may seem, at the end of the day, it really is just a random series of numbers.

I feel that perfectly describes my day today. A day when I started my new job, found a possible definite place to live, and managed to branch out and meet people on my own.

I didn’t have to report to the office until 10 a.m., a fact I was excited about, but found around 8:30 a.m. to be weary of. Luckily I found I can be there at 9, and that’s totally acceptable. Great to hear.

However, the extra time today did give me the chance to celebrate “Pi Day,” made extra special by the fact that I discovered the holiday was invented right here in San Francisco.

I began the day then with grabbing a slice of Pear Frangipane Tart at Mission Pie, which I just happened upon on twitter last night. Totally fortuitous, considering today’s significance — and within a mile of where I’m staying. The tart was a nice mix between sweet and savory, the crust buttery, yet firm. I wrote a note that pears tasted “happy” and considering they focus on local farms, they very well could have been. Because it was a holiday and all, I opted to add the fresh cream and that note, well, it was simply “OMG.”

And of course the slice cost $3.14.

I did notice also how bubbly the staff was. In general, I’ve found most (except for the bartender mentioned later) service industry folks here to seem extra happy, versus extra surly. Don’t know if it’s sunshine or something in the water. Even with the tasty cup of Taylor Maid Farms Doña Isadora Tres Generaciones Columbian coffee I had I wasn’t that bubbly. And it was a finely brewed cup o’ joe, smooth, yet nutty, which meshed near perfectly with the tart.

At any rate, my time spent taking in pie and pi was eventually up and it was time to mosey my way toward SoMA. It was raining so I opted to hop the BART. I still had time and so I took a couple minutes to read the pillar in UN Plaza stating the Declaration of Human Rights. I think many folks would benefit from reading this each morning.

After talking with a good friend who happened to text me right before I went to the office, I headed over to FontShop to begin my first day as Communications Manager. As with any first day, it’s all sort of blur, but I’m excited to take on the challenges of a new job opportunity. My office is such a complete 180 over my last gig, I can’t even begin to adjust. IKEA furniture, Macs and natural lighting — yay for happy work environments.

I got lots of recommendations regarding the Wednesday farmer’s market and food cart placement later in the week, but fortunately the office manager offered to go to lunch with me and we grabbed some pho at 7 Mission Restaurant. I opted for seafood pho, which yielded a surprise with every dig of the chopsticks. Glad to have a multitude of ethnic options (or any options, period), within walking distance.

After work I had a few minutes to chat with my brother before heading up to Bernal Heights to look at a sublet through a friend of a friend. I’m super relieved about this because if I don’t hear back from the place from the weekend, I’m guaranteed to get in here for  a roof over my head until July 1. Hooray

Extra bonus, my friend Ariel, who gave me the line on the sublet, lives through the yard. I actually went over to visit her after viewing the room and ended up staying for a homecooked dinner, good wine and conversation with her and her mother. It was truly a wonderful evening.

Short some singles for the bus, I decided to start walking up Valencia homeward and put in a call to my parents who were curious about my first day. Whilst on the phone with them, I passed a bar called π.

Well how could I not stop and go in?

At first the experience was ridiculously awkward. There wasn’t one open seat, but it wasn’t crowded enough to stand yet. In that socially incompatible phase of the evening. I felt like the first “1” after the 3.14. I made my way down to where others were standing, but there wasn’t quite enough room for me. The bartender (who contradicted my early statement about surly service industry types), blasély asked me what I wanted. Having noticed a New Glarus sticker behind the bar, I excitedly asked if they had Spotted Cow. He stared at me blankly and once he realized what I was talking about, seemed even furthermore disinterested. Awk-ward. I quickly pulled another beer off the tap listing. Already in animal mode I chose a North Coast Red Seal, also $3.14 in honor of the day.

I chose wisely. I didn’t realize that red ales could be smooth, without having that bitter taste, but here one was. A two-seat table soon evacuated and I awkwardly perched there, despite the friendly waitstaff’s eagerness to bring me food. The stalemate between me and awkwardness soon broke though, as I offered the seat up to a couple that entered the bar. Fortunately, Courtney and Will were also just getting a drink and suggested we all be awkward together. It was soon established that they were just there for Pi Day as well, and I was happy to hang out with them for the evening. We talked scrabble and twitter, they gave me bar and food recommendations, and I had time to sample another brew. This time it was the Marin Brewing Pt. Reyes Porter, which was nearly offensive at first with a strong coffee/chocolately assault, which mellowed into quite a pleasant sipping brew after a few moments.

I didn’t even realize how late it was getting, but soon it was truly time to head home. I made it safe and sound and happy with my Pi Day experience.


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2 Responses to Day 4 (or 3.14): Happy Pi Day!

  1. Monica says:

    That sounds like a lovely first day! I am amazed at all of the wonderful experiences you had, which of course included some form of reliable mass transit and friendly, non-cynical (for the most part) service industry folk. WOW. Not to mention the Human Rights declaration just, you know, hanging out for, CONCEPT, people to read. In other news, Walker has probably broken the clean water act and also rolled the WI art board and the board of tourism into one….HUH? Anyway I’ll let you leave him in the past. Also, I had a chance to peruse the FontShop website. I think my favorite “best-selling” font is Estilo Regular. very cool

  2. Amy says:

    you won’t find spotted cow outside Wisconsin! :/

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