Day 6: Tamale Day!

Managed to get myself up just before the “deadline” to leave for a morning run. Quickly showered and made it to work just in the nick of time. Hoorah for knowing we have communal breakfast food.

Work kept me busy and I had a couple key meetings today that gave me a better understanding of what I need to do. I also was able to post my first Hootsuite update by the end of the day. I have a blog post readied too that will go in the next couple of days. Woohoo.

I’d already planned to hit up the Heart of the City Farmer’s Market over lunch, but a bit after noon my co-worker gleefully informed me that it was “tamale day.” He is a huge fan of the tamale vendor at the market, All Star Tamales, and often a group from the office goes over to get them. Today it was just the two of us, so he gave me a quick walking tour of the market too. I picked up a bag of Francesca’s Fresh Produce Roasted Almonds so I could keep a snack at work. Plus, how great is it that almonds are LOCALLY GROWN? Okay, foodie heaven freakout done. But seriously, if you’ve not had fresh, local almonds…find a way.

At any rate, tamale time. I took advantage of the two for $5 and picked green chicken and vegi vegan, which was loaded with corn masa, black bean, green bean, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, corn, spinach, and sundried tomato. I was so hungry and excited though that I forgot to snap a photo of them before diving in. Whoops. At least I know that any Wednesday can be tamale day now!

The co-worker bonding was also good, as I learned where to take my bike which, despite some confusion with my giving Crankdaddy’s an incomplete address, arrived safely to the wonderful Mary Ann this afternoon. Apparently Mike’s Bikes is just one block from my office and will sometimes be able to do basic maintenance turnarounds in a day. Great to know. Mary Ann is going to meet me at lunch tomorrow to do the exchange. I’m so so so thankful for her.

I also got to experience my first taste of our office Fruit Share from Farm Fresh to You. So, so much better than getting a hostess cherry pie out of a vending machine. I selected a blood orange for my afternoon snack and sort of fell in love with it. Just call me Count Lip-Smackula — I’m now obsessed with blood oranges (wah wah).

With the afternoon flying by, I spent my walk home catching up with Jane back in Milwaukee. Ritu was here when I got home and I helped her with some font issues, as well as unpacked, until I realized my blood sugar had plummeted and I needed to eat or I’d be shutting down, which was around 8:45 p.m. She was so sweet as to walk up to Valencia with me and point out a couple of spots. I was in an indecisive mood, but once I spotted UrBun Burger, knew that’s what I wanted.

Figuring I should go a little on the “lighter” side with it being later in the evening, I opted for the California Sensation (avocado! sprouts!) with a turkey patty. Keeping with the theme I washed it down with an Anchor Steam (which according to Ritu tastes just like Anchor Steam). Just what the doctor ordered.

Tomorrow’s a big day with both St. Pat’s and March Madness, so gonna rest up and get to bed before 11.


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