Day 7: Off the Grid St. Pat’s

Slept in this morning knowing I’d be out a little later tonight. Took my time donning my green garb before heading to the office. Definitely got a double take when I showed up, as apparently it’s more difficult to dye a bay green than a river, so people don’t really acknowledge the holiday here as important.

Getting busier and busier with each day of work and after a couple hours of jamming out to Dori’s Girlina Show on WMSE (happy 30th birthday guys!), I tuned in over to March Madness. Not seeing anyone else pulling their hair out with the Morehead Effing State upset over Louisville I did a quick verbal survey of who else cared about college basketball. Turns out one person. I kinda felt like an alien with my whole “today is Christmas & Hanukkah combined for basketball fans of Irish descent” analogy. Ah well. Brew to Bay adjustments.

The major excitement of the afternoon was Mary Ann meeting up with me to drop off my newly arrived bicycle at Mike’s Bikes a block from the office. I will be on wheels tomorrow evening. Woohoo!

For lunch I headed to the highly-anticipated Off the Grid, a conglomeration of food trucks parked in the UN Plaza. Tomorrow they’re in the Civic Center Plaza, which is just a couple blocks further. So many options! I ended up getting my main course from Curbside mainly because the Ahi tuna sliders sounded super appealing. Aye, that they were and I opted for a salad over fries for a side. It actually worked out super well because after I’d worked my way through the to go box, a homeless person asked if I was done with it. I ended up just giving him my leftover salad. I felt much better than just throwing it away or giving away “spare change.” Yeah community!

Anyway, I couldn’t leave without trying Señor Sisig‘s Filipino truck’s “St. Patrick’s Day Special” — Guinness-flavored ice cream (not even close the the Pliny from the other day), with Irish Soda Bread crumbs and Jameson-soaked Raisins. It was all just “ok” until I dug down and mixed in those raisins — YUMMERS.


Made it through the afternoon (congrats to the Badgers on the win!) and then left to meet Mary Ann at the Civic Center Muni (our meeting spot). We headed up to The Dubliner bar, by her old house in Noe. After a couple rounds of Guinness & Smithwick’s, Marley met up and the three of us had a good time catching up with each other. We got a little hungry, even though I’d snacked on the complimentary corned beef sandwiches. We headed up the street to Casa Mexicana, where I grabbed a super burrito with chicken and a Dos XX lager because it came in a green bottle.

Both Marley and I had friends texting to meet back up at the Dubliner, so we wrapped up and headed back. It was great that Ingrid could meet us out after class and we also met a bunch of Marley’s friends. Then, the craziest thing happened, in that Marley’s friend Allison, who I met in January, arrived. I didn’t know she was meeting out, so it was the weirdest thing to look up the sidewalk and be like “oh hey! I know you!” … something that happens in a city that you live in.

Whoa….I LIVE here.


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