Day 8: Settling In

Everywhere I look, there’s a bit of “home,” but the reality is I’m settling in here.

I successfully made it through the first week of work and am still very excited and enthusiastic about the challenges that await me. Some people freak out starting with a clean slate, but I rather enjoy the opportunity.

Made two trips to the conveniently located Harvest Urban Market (HUM) today. First, this morning for a much needed latte (made with Capricorn Coffee) and cranberry muffin. The latte was okay (although made freakishly fast), but the muffin was AWFUL. I’m guessing it may have been vegan because it was super dry and crumbly, but man, what a disappointment. Alterra Bakery it was not.

Since there was a tornado warning in San Mateo County (which I learned is south of us) today, venturing far for lunch wasn’t an option. Two of my co-workers invited me to tag along back to HUM, not wanting to get soaked, or be anti-social, I tagged along. It was definitely a soup day, and the gumbo looked intriguing, but of course I recalled it was Friday, so just got the broccoli soup (which was decent) and more salad bar — nothing too spectacular. Lunch convo was productive as I learned some tips for where to go watch sports. Through various conversations, I’ve learned I’m kind of an anomaly in this city — a woman who’s super into the NCAA tournament. Actually, a PERSON who is into the NCAA Tournament. Come to think of it, I’ve yet to see one March Madness banner or March Madness drink special posted. When I explained this phenomena to my dear Milwaukee-friend Jason (whose Georgetown Hoyas royally effed my bracket tonight) he texted back that this lack of sports enthusiasm is “the dark underbelly of liberalism.”

The afternoon flew by and before I knew it, it was time to pack up, pick up my newly ready bicycle and meet Ingrid to watch the second half of the Marquette game. The folks at Mike’s Bikes did a spectacular job with reassembly, and I went ahead and bought a pretty badass looking commuter helmet from them too. So wonderful to have a bike shop a block from my office!

I took the old gal for my first spin, and although a little nervous about my new surroundings, managed to do okay. Once I get an actual address I’ll be joining the San Francisco Bike Coalition, at the recommendation of everyone I know.

I forget how much quicker wheels make things and ended up at Zeke’s Diamond Bar fairly early. Enjoyed an Anchor Steam while waiting for Ingrid. We nervously watched the second half as Marquette maintained their lead over Xavier. Mary Ann joined us for a bit too, as we were just blocks from her place. It’s so wonderful to have all of these close friends from different periods in my life all in one city (and to have them get along!). For those who are “in the know” of MU from the pre-2003ish era, this bar TOTALLY reminded me of the old Hegarty’s Gloccamorra — or “The Gloc” — it lacked carpeted walls, but something about it, man. And apparently it is a Packers bar, hence the shrine in the photo at top.

Despite splitting some nachos, Ingrid and I were ready for dinner a bit after 7. She was craving a pizza place in the Mission, so I opted to drop my bike off before walking over. Mary Ann headed home. Getting from SoMA to the Mission was harrowing, but I did it! Yay! I then successfully navigated myself over to 14th & Valencia without once consulting a Google Map. I really am “settling in” here.

Upon arriving at Pauline’s Pizza, I was pleasantly surprised to find that our friend Weber had been able to meet out. He’s on call a lot for his extremely crazy job, so like anyone with a bizarre occupation, it’s good when they can come out, especially for the awesome stories. I also got to meet their friend Michael who joined us as well. Due to a misunderstanding with the sign in, the four of us waited extra-long for a table and were sufficiently hungry by the time we sat down.

What a fun night it turned out to be! Plied with two bottles of Paulina’s House Pizza Red, we indulged in splitting a Pesto Pizza (so so so good) and a half-and-half of the Veggie & Meat Specials. In reverence to the MU win, I resisted the meat pizza which featured Pork Shoulder. I stuck to the Veggie special or Beetza as I deemed it — beets, oregano, goat cheese, and shallots. Uh, yup, it WAS delicious. And apparently everything is grown locally at an organic farm in Berkeley. I can see why Ingrid had a craving!

Busy day ahead tomorrow, cashing in on my Groupon for the Challenge Nation San Francisco Scavenger Hunt and meeting up with former colleagues in town for a conference. Looking forward to it!


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2 Responses to Day 8: Settling In

  1. Becky says:

    I completely forgot about the carpeted walls at the Gloc!

  2. So happy for you, Meghan! Love reading about your adventures in San Fran.

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