Day 10: Sweet 16 & Sweet Biking

This is a quick post  (putting pictures and links up later) as I have to head to work shortly (putting it up in the morning), but wow, Sunday was jam-packed for me in a way that put a smile on my face nearly all day.

The sound of a downpour almost deterred me from running 5 miles to a 5 mile Team Challenge practice, but I had to get in my 10 miles because I’m running the Oakland Half Marathon next Sunday (aah!!). Having forgotten to eat dinner, I found a Peet’s Coffee on the way and downed an Odwalla protein shake. Luckily the rain held of for 9 of 10 miles though. With all that’s been going on, I’m so not mentally ready for a half, so we’ll see how this turns out.

Also, can I just say that the Golden Gate Bridge takes my breath away every time I see it?

Took my time wandering back to the bus stop after practice and quick breakfast at Sports Basement (I bought some gels and Clif Bars as well), and popped into the Palace of Fine Arts to check the place out. Wow. This may be one of my favorite places in San Francisco as well. Not very crowded and so peaceful. If I was into birds, it’s got a ton of those and some pretty funky looking ones.

Walked through the Marina, chatting with Jane, and commenting on how Yuptastic that area is. Hopped a 22 back to the apartment and saw on Twitter that it was Sunday Streets. Although a nap would’ve been ideal, I really wanted to check this out. So I grabbed a quick taco from the Tacos San Buena truck, showered, and hopped on my bike to get down to the Embarcadero.

The weather held off and I loved riding with no motorized vehicles occupying a multi-mile stretch of road space. Again, more to be posted later, but I highly recommend checking this out (and implementing in your city). Talked with some non-profits signing up volunteers, as well as REI, which has a store IN THE CITY (concept) not just way the heck out on the edge of town. Stopped at The Bike Hut to buy a bike map so I can start plotting my way around.

Still hungry, I popped into the Ferry Building and intrigued by Boccalone’s signage of “tasty salty pig parts,” grabbed a Salami Cone, which also was one of the few non-overpriced items — at least in my opinion — because every bite of thinly sliced meat was divine. Yum.

A huge smile on my face after that Urban Renewal Coup, I rode back home so I could figure out the path to get to The Haight and the Kezar Pub for the MU watch party. I helped Ritu with some chores and then popped off again to try my hand at “The Wiggle” — the bike route through the hills with only minimal grade.

I now have a NEW favorite thing in San Francisco. That route is pure genius, as is the whole bike infrastructure. There are several routes around the city, all marked with tiny road signs. There’s a whole bike highway system overlapping the city grid. You just pick one to get to a general area, then can dip of on the arterial system. It’s positively European and I LOVE IT.

Kezar was packed, but I found a small table of MU fans, including…the dude who was sitting two down from my at Phoenix last night! How is this becoming a small town for me already? So random. Anyway, the group rapidly expanding and Marquette took over the back room. The game was so edge of your seat, but VICTORY in the end. It was seriously awesome to be with that many alums for such a great moment. Sweet 16 here we come!

My friend, Megan, who I was supposed to meet up with on Friday, had her schedule open up, so I dashed back down the 30 bike route to meet her at 21st Amendment, an easy cab ride from her hotel. It was great catching up and hooray for having my first SF visitor!

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