Day 11: Homey

Today was definitely a day where I settled into a routine.

Biked to work. There were SO MANY bike commuters out with me, it was amazing. At one light I counted 10 bicycles. Incredible. So tonight, I joined the SF Bike Coalition — highly recommended by everyone I’ve met here.

Ate leftover spaghetti from 21st Amendment for lunch. I was remiss in my update from last night and failed to mention the incredibly tasty Ninkasi/21A Collaboration Brew that Megan and I both had. And going to their website it looks like March 23-26 is the Craft Brewers Conference. Ruh-roh.

Submitted my first inkling of project work today so we’ll see how that goes. I also enjoyed taking my lunch break in the common room to complete some much needed errands on my laptop. The California office environment is much more my speed. Well, after all my offices in Milwaukee it’s nice to have a computer that doesn’t sound like a NASA launch every time you boot it up.

The most important event of the day though was that I confirmed my home for the next three months. I’ll be living with my friend Ariel’s old roommate, Sabina, in this cozy spot referred to as the “treehouse” right near Precita Park. This is the place I looked at on Pi Day and I think it’ll be a nice temporary situation while I get to know the city better.

Side note: the biggest hassle of moving turned out to be with my Netflix account and I had to call them because the post office returned a disc. My customer service rep was in awe that my queue is almost maxed at 500 movies. Who’s isn’t? Glad to impress with my film geekery. Speaking of which, glad I have an address now, because I cashed in that Groupon for the San Francisco Film Society membership.

Anyway, the weather was great after work, so I rode up to Precita Park, which turned out to be about 7 minutes longer than my current commute. All in all it will be about 20-30 minutes by bike. Yay. I’m not too far from BART and Muni, so many options!

Came home and cleaned up my guest room a bit and was invited to join Ritu and her friend Raj-Ann for a homecooked meal. I was amazed at what Ritu whipped up so quickly – lentil soup, butternut squash cooked in yogurt (SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD), and braised kale. Yum.

Of course, I also came across the SFoodie 92 today, so I have more food quests to add to my plate (bad pun not intended).

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