Day 12: Effort

I actually made the effort to get up and at ’em early this morning and headed out for a 4 mile run and managed a great pace. Hoorah.

Several months of effort were successful this morning as I paid off my highest interest credit card for good.

I made the effort and biked to work again and think that I may start my attempt of meeting my 31 by 32 goal of biking to work for 31 consecutive business days (I have two vacation days in April, but I suppose those don’t count).

I made the effort at lunch to try something new, so I walked up to Ted’s Market & Deli. You know it’s good when the line is huge. This also meant my sandwich was huge. I enjoyed the Papou’s Prize (Fresh, delicious roasted Thanksgiving-style turkey, cream cheese, sprouts, cranberry sauce) for both lunch AND dinner. I also saw my “WTF of the Day” there — the cop in line in front of me displayed an Ohio State sticker on the butt of his GUN. Wouldn’t want to sit next to him at March Madness.

I made the effort not to squeal when I heard the phrase “What on earth did we ever do without you?” at work today.

I made the effort to connect with the San Francisco Film Society about volunteering for the upcoming SFIFF54 through my friend Angela at Milwaukee Film.

And then this evening, after a quick pop into Starbucks to warm up with a cup of tea, I made the effort to learn the basics of bike maintenance. “Effort” is more like it. Blech. The bikes introing this post are best left to the mechanics, as this gal learned about two things.

But it was EASY to make the effort here…

As I mentioned on Sunday, I found out that REI has a location in the heart of the city. I also pass a Best Buy everyday on my bike route home (and will to my future home). Now while I’m not the hugest fan of “big boxes,” I do agree that they’re necessary sometimes and I applaud the ones that can integrate into the urban landscape. I also appreciate that REI offers free classes. Hence how I ended up at How to Adjust Bicycle Brakes and Gears.

Yes, this was 90 minutes of me getting more and more confused. And realizing that I just need to befriend a bike mechanic. I think I can figure out the brakes part, a slight tweak on the gear cable, and lubing my chain (Becky I know you’re reading this and giggling), but other than that — I sort of glazed over. Still, I’m glad I went because I can’t say I didn’t *try* to learn.

I also have to comment on how constantly amazed at how diverse this city is and how integrated. It makes Milwaukee’s segregation woes just that much more apparent to me. My class had people from I believe every US Census ethnic check box, every gender, every age group, and I’m guessing most sexual orientations. It’s just so refreshing to have everyone in the same room learning (or not learning) bike maintenance. The great part is all these folks are RIDING bikes in the city too. It warms my heart!

At least *my* efforts weren’t a complete waste — I found a $20 rain jacket on sale before I left to ride home, since the skies opened back up after a day of sunshine.

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  1. Becky says:

    You were right.

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