Day 13: Art ‘Round the Corner

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Artwork: Dancing Chain by Jennifer Berkowitz

Weather in this city continues to make and break my plans for venturing. Luckily I have found plenty of things that I need right here in the neighborhood (The Mission) where I’m staying. Luckily when I move next week I’ll still be just a mile up the road.

My 3 mile, very hilly run this morning accidentally wound up on Delores Street. This crucial slowdown ended up meaning I got stuck in a torrential downpour in the Castro before sprinting home to dry off and go to work. Glad I only have two miles tomorrow in case it’s still being crummy outside.

Luckily the ride to work was clear, and my lunchtime walk to get tamales (my second tamale day — I went with Chicken Mole and Black Bean & Cheese) at the Heart of the City Farmer’s Market was actually dry and sunshiney. I did pick up some strawberries and greens to make a salad to offset tamale-world. Also, being a “butter snob” — hey I did just move from Wisconsin, bought some fresh unsalted butter that tastes like heaven.

Work is still going well. I made my first tangible contribution today — a blog post (as well as social media posts) about FontShop‘s new facebook integration. So no excuses for not registering my dear readers!

Evening rolled around and although I was really hoping to go “beer stalk” folks in town for the Craft Brewers Conference this weekend, the clouds rolled back in and being soaked by the time I rolled my bike back into the garage meant I was staying local. Luckily I’d gotten my “Welcome Member” email from the San Francisco Bike Coalition today (and also the Film Society) with a link to their events calendar. (Side note: I LOVE LOVE LOVE how almost every organization here has a shared Google Calendar — my advice to non-profits in Milwaukee: DO THIS). At any rate, there happened to be a bicycle film screening tonight for a local independent film literally AROUND THE CORNER from the apartment I’m staying at. So after a quick run to Walgreen’s (where I once again experienced the universal truth that it will inevitably take 5 minutes longer than you plan to check out at Walgreen’s), I went one block to Workspace Limited, a shared art gallery/studio and event space. I moseyed around for a bit, checking out the bicycle-themed artwork (I really dug the artist at the top’s work – she also had a face made out of bike parts). They had popcorn and Portland’s own Session Ale, so I grabbed some of that and settled into a seat for the screening.

The director/writer/producter, Dr. Hazan Zee, was there to intro the film and had a very interesting story about bucking his parents wishes to stay in medicine (he actually was a doctor) and follow his dreams into the entertainment business. His film Bicycle Bride reflected this sentiment, focusing on an Americanized Muslim-Indian woman bucking her family’s intentions for her. It wasn’t the greatest flick in the world, or one I’d recommend (I’m not that into romantic comedies), but it was a good way to spend an evening. I hope if SFBC does additional screenings they’ll be a little more bike focused (or just show Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure like the Milwaukee chapter of the Bike Fed did a couple summer’s ago), as this one just had a few scenes – and the bike served as a metaphor for the main character’s independence (boys were only allowed to ride bicycles in her culture).

Unfortunately the space was FREEZING and I had to dart home after the screening and duck out prior to the Q&A. Thankfully Ritu pointed me to the tea and gave me some daal soup to heat up (which was delicious!).

Again, not a earth-shattering evening, but it’s nice to know that I can find something to do within a one-mile (or one-block) radius of me any night of the week, and if this rain ever stops, perhaps I can up that to two.

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