Day 14: Surprises & Shout Outs

Apologies for the posting delays, have been having internet connection issues, but still keeping notes, so thanks for your patience.

Thursday was a day of surprises and shoutouts.

Got in my final run in rain at a decent clip for a flat surface. I’m trying to stay between 10:30-11 minute miles for Sunday’s half, but I’m not feeling entirely confident. I am much less nervous, but much less confident for my second attempt at 13.1. Does that make sense?

Speaking of Sunday, I am running to raise money for CALICO, an organization dedicated to helping abused kids in Oakland. My friend Marley sits on the board and convinced me to run for this very worthy cause, so please if you can donate, even a dollar per mile, you can do so here.

My first big surprise of the day came while I was getting ready in the form of a text message from my friend Lisa who lives in Minneapolis. She had found out via LinkedIn (she’s not on Facebook) that I’d moved out here and was going to be in town for a concert over the weekend. Turned out both of our Friday evenings were free, so we arranged to get together. She moved from Milwaukee in spring 2008 and I’m not sure we’ve seen each other since the summer after.

My next surprise came at work, and in German! As I mentioned yesterday, I’d put up my first blog. My German counterparts adapted that for their customers and since the graphic used a screenshot from my Facebook wall, I got a little shoutout — at least according to google translate. I double-checked with my German-speaking friends and google was indeed right. For those who have read my adventures over the years, you can guess the excitement that I have working for an international organization.

The subsequent surprise wasn’t that pleasant, but was accompanied by a delicious one. Since there’s construction going on in our building the heat was cut for the day. Today was also possibly the coldest day since I moved to SF, so I felt almost back in Milwaukee. At the same time though, we got a box of Godiva Chocolates from the building management, so that was a nice (and tasty) surprise.

After a morning chock full of meetings, the following surprise practically made me cry at my desk (in a really good way). If you have been reading since my Milwaukee days, you know that I was insanely involved in that community. Obviously I cannot continue to support every group as I try to build involvement in my new city, but there’s a couple that truly have shaped me as a human being and that I’ll continue to keep us with. One of those is 91.7 WMSE. Yes, it’s free-form radio and yes, if you don’t know the schedule you may tune into something not your cup of tea, but the investment made in finding the 3-hour blocks of music that you do love pays off infinitely. In a world of homogenization, WMSE is a true independent radio station…an luckily it streams online. Since I’m still using it, I’ll continue to support it. But what a wonderful surprise that when I sat back down after my meeting and jammed out to Adele and rocking set of dancy ladies during the Girlina show, that when Dori came back on I’d hear: “That set goes out to Meghan Arnold who moved away but is now listening in San Francisco…” Wow. That was a surprise that made my whole month.

20110326-101814.jpg Conveniently Dori’s show ends at 1 p.m. here, perfect time for me to take my lunch. Although it was POURING I opted to go over to Off the Grid at UN Plaza. I was pleased to find that the trucks switch up weekly, so I had a whole new selection. Since it was cold and crummy, I easily decided on the grilled cheese sandwich with asparagus pesto and tomato soup from 3 Sum Eats. The soup had a nice kick to it and did the trick of warming me up for the afternoon.

After a brief stop at home to change into warmer clothes, I headed over to The Phoenix to meet my friend Paul for beer and basketball. (Mary Ann and I met Paul on my scouting trip in January while visiting my Milwaukee friends’ (Craig & Brooke) friend at Vesuvio. He kept in touch and offered to be part of my Welcome to SF crew.) For the ganes, I mixed up my normal choice of the regular Lagunitas IPA, with their double, Hop Stoopid IPA. Another for my beer-inclined friends back home to add to the list.

After an abysmal Wisconsin game, we decided to go grab dinner at Luna Park. I got the recommended burger, but mistakenly ordered medium-well (I have no idea why I said that!), so I’ll have to try it medium sometime. But another surprise came with our dessert choice of chocolate chip bread pudding with chocolate chip ice cream. Yes, as divine as it sounds. Actually more. It tasted like not-quite-done, still doughy, but right out of the oven, chocolate chip cookies. Yum.

For one last stop in my Welcome to SF: Mission Edition evening, we popped into Elbo Room for one final drink. After hearing lots of buzz, I opted for a Speakeasy Prohibition Ale. It was good, but not as super mind-blowing as twitter would have me believe. The bar was a hipster playground though, complete with pinball machines, arcade games (we got in a solid round of Ms. Pac-man), and trivia napkins.

And one of the great things about living in California is the 9 am start time, so even staying out until midnight on a school night doesn’t screw up your next day. I’ll give a big shoutout to that!


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