Day 15: Bittersweet 16


I love that I slept in today and still managed to get to work early. Oh work/life balance how I love thee!

Workdays are flying by for me too, with lots of projects arising. Before I knew it my coworkers were suggesting taking advantage of the sunny lunch hour and heading over to Off the Grid: Civic Center. We did have an eventful walk, falling in step with two homeless guys arguing with each other about who was the crazier one and then turning to us and declaring “Welcome to San Franpsycho!” My coworker Theresa said that line better make my personal social media posts, so here it is!

Lots of truck options and a huge crowd with the nice weather. Remembering that it was Friday (but forgetting later), I skipped joining the work crew with BBQ and went to Japacurry for their vegetarian option of potato and pumpkin croquettes over rice with spicy sauce. Very tasty, but not extremely spicy. Tips for the truck were going to Japan relief, so I felt good about my choice.

I spotted one of the cupcake trucks there too, and will have to make a stop in the future. My coworkers filled me in about others to watch for, including the Creme Brûlée Man. I’ve now followed him on twitter and have a new goal.

The afternoon went fast, got to put on my copywriting hat, which is always fun for me and thanks to getting in a bit early was able to make it to Kezar Pub (walked my bike for the first time up a nasty hill there) for second half of MU game with the alumni crew. I probably could’ve better invested that energy into a power nap, as the game was TERRIBLE (not helped by awful refs either). Still, it was worth it to connect with the alums one last time (hopefully there will be “off season” gatherings) and the final Marquette points of a three by usually benched senior Robert Frozena.

Made it back home to chill for 20 minutes before meeting Lisa at the 16th St BART. I realized while getting ready that we hadn’t seen each other since Meghan 3.0 debuted and she’s not active on social media so she had no idea about my transformation. It’s been awhile since I got the full-blown “HOLY SHIT!” reaction, and I’ll fully admit it feels really good still. I worked hard to lose and keep off the weight (hell, I moved across country to ensure it stays off), so it’s awesome that people still notice.

Thanks to an informal survey of my SF gang for a moderately priced place for wine snobs and foodies, we ended up at Bar Bambino, just a block and a half from BART on 16th. Cozy, cute, and crowded, Lisa and I caught up while we waited for a spot to open up at the bar. Lisa works in wine distribution, so she knew all the right questions to ask about the bottles. We were pleased to find a special running this week on Produttori del Barbaresco wines (these are all “nebbiolos” which means “little fog” – so appropriate for a San Francisco reunion) and ordered a bottle of 2005 Ovello. Paired with our food choices, a grilled octopus and radicchio salad (I swear they grilled the radicchio too – it was all a burst of balsamic flavor) and Risotto of pearled barley with braised lamb (whoops forgot about Lent), the big, bold red made sure our tastebuds had a wonderful evening. The risotto was one of the more interesting culinary experiments I’ve tried in awhile, but it worked so so well. The barley combined with the lamb made it extra earthy, it wasn’t overly creamy, and there was just a faint hint of mint with every bite. It was near perfection.

I also love that for the second weekend in a row I had a friend happen to be in town. Consider that my dad is here on Tuesday, I’ve already had more visitors here in less than three weeks than almost all of last year in Milwaukee. While I love when people made the effort to visit me, I also appreciate living somewhere that people happen to be visiting. So let me know if you’re ever in town!



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