Day 16: Running Eve

These women will run 13.1 miles 13.1 hours later.


Saturday was spent not thinking about the fact that I would be running 13.1 miles within 24 hours. Not until I met up with Mary Ann at the Oakland Running Expo to pick up our packets in the evening did this become a reality.

The earlier part of the day was spent in blissful ignorance. I spent a leisurely morning catching up on the ol’ blog at Stable Café. One small problem — no plugs. So I blogged on my iPhone (boy were my thumbs tired) and then went in and linked what I could before my laptop battery died. In this time though I enjoyed three cups of their delicious french press coffee, a Piaf (tomato, brie, and farm fresh baked egg – YUM), and a piece of biscotti.

Eventually made my way back to the condo and enjoyed some of Ritu’s soup and moved into the smaller guest bedroom as I make my transition out later this week and more guests arrive. Had a few hours before I had to go to Oakland, so I hit the streets of The Mission to Shop for Japan.

I started at 24th and Valencia with Gypsy Honeymoon, which ended up being an antique store. Nothing for me here, but I did take the opportunity to stop into the highly-lauded Arizmendi Bakery. So many delicious looking choices here (cardomom shortbread?!?), but one of the women in line made a beeline for the cornmeal lime cookies, which were apparently a “limited time only.” I followed her lead and wasn’t disappointed. Could only eat about half, it was so filling, but excellent flavor and truly a unique treat!

Next up I swung into Dema. I believe I came here years ago with Ingrid. At least I could fit into stuff now, but nothing fit “right.” This store also prompted me to Facebook that I’d throw a party the day the skinny jean died. That got 17 likes. No, there were lots of cute things in this place and if I lose 10 more pounds, and somehow my hips, I will go back. I did buy a pair of cute sunglasses to help the cause though — they were specifically donating to animal shelters in Japan.

Feeling a bit defeated, I popped over to Weston Wear next, figuring I’d find nothing in a place where the website looks more mom-friendly than me-trendy. Boy was I surprised! This place was great and I grabbed a dress with a small defect and a sample size blouse for just slightly more than the cost of my sunglasses. Hoorah!

One more random stop at a place with a Shop for Japan sign in the window, Density (where I found nothing), and then off to get ready for Oakland. The plan was to pick up our packets, cheer Marley on in her 5k, and “carb” up at Marley and Dan’s. Mary Ann had a friend in town from LA, so I wandered the expo by myself and picked up some cheap running shades and the warmest, fuzziest, zip up ever. We eventually met up and happened to run into Marley and her friend Kimmie before they headed to the start line.

The fried kale was tastetastic.


MAB and I were both a bit hungry though, and we were ridiculously tempted by a place we’d passed on the walk to the waterfront. We had some time, so off to Souley Vegan we went for a quick appetizer. Yes, vegan soul food is just about as delicious as you’d imagine and I really wish someone would open up something like this in Milwaukee. I actually think it’d do well. We split fried okra, fried kale, and cornbread. The sauces were just incredible. I want to go back for a full meal.

Dan's beautifully plated chicken pasta.

Unfortunately we JUST missed Marley and Kimmie crossing the finish line, but we managed to meet up and walk back to Marley’s with them, Dan and Kimmie’s boyfriend Eric. Mary Ann’s friend Kirstin (who I’ve heard about for years!) also came over for the carbing dinner party. We all enjoyed lots of great conversation, half an episode of Firefly, and AMAZING food. Marley and Dan whipped up a chicken pasta and a vegetarian lasagna in just under 90 minutes (AFTER she ran a 5k). They also had homemade carrot cake — yummers.

MAB and I turned into pumpkins at 10:15ish and Kirstin took us to BART so we could get back to bed and up to face the reality of 13.1 in the morning.


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