day 22: moving day

Apologies my internet is not set up for me at the new place. You’ll be getting bulk posts until it’s resolved. I’m still out there Brew to Baying!

This pizza was seriously earned.

I’m going for a personal record on moves this year. Friday was Move #2 in a month, and I’ll be doing it at least once more in July. I owe my friends immensely. I include beer and pizza in my budget. (Want to be my friend?)

Work went by relatively quickly on Friday, busy as a bee, as we had to communicate a new release. I did manage to make it over to Off the Grid: Civic Center to grab a falafel sandwich, sweet potato fries, and a root beer from Liba Falafel. This definitely ranks high in my food truck ratings, solely for the toppings bar. This isn’t your usual falafel sandwich — she has a whole array of goodies to put on top of it. Not all of the topping are even listed — I had beets on mine. Yummy. Anyway, I opted to eat my lunch outside at the Civic Center because once again, we had another 75 degree day.

5:30 came quickly and the big move was upon us. Mary Ann took the first shift, helping me shift small boxes and luggage from one end of the Mission to the other. We did quite well completing our tasks by just after 7 p.m., time for MAB to hand off the baton to Ingrid and Ben (who I’m so glad came after I played a moving-related April Fool’s on Ing Friday morning). We met Ritu to load the mattress (which turned out to be the wrong one, but it all has worked out in the end), on top of Ben’s SUV and the bed (which will now be for sale if you need a queen-sized low bed frame) into the car. Putting a mattress onto a roof is much harder than it looks, and I think next time there may be a truck rented. We then popped back up to the new place — affectionately called “The Treehouse” — to meet Dan from Craigslist who would be delivering a dresser.

Dude really has a good thing going as a furniture flipper! He was totally professional, the dresser is a cool ’60s style six-drawer, solid, not too scuffed. I was happy to pay the $20 delivery fee for the same price as an IKEA dresser I almost picked up. Plus all the three of us had to do was carry it down the driveway. Score.

Best. Desk. Ever.

The next score though, truly was in every sense of the word. Again, from Craigslist, I found a desk for TWENTY BUCKS, painted bright purple, and just about 1/2 a mile from the flat. Thanks to Ben who came up to the weird apartment with me, but for a solid wood, many-drawered desk, the trip was worth it.

All furniture obtained, we put the bed frame together only to find the mattress didn’t match. No worries, I am now using the full that’s already at the Treehouse, which gives me more room overall. Sometimes things really do happen for a reason (although me accidentally buying a duvet cover instead of a sheet set — I’m not quite sure of the purpose of that).

Huge thanks to my two helpers though. After enough was done that I could lay my head, I took them to Little Star Pizza where we loaded up. We got the “Little Star” deep dish — Chicago style with spinach, shrooms, and onions, as well as a Mixed Salad, and Spicy Chicken Wings. I don’t even remember the first beer I got (it was necessary), but I followed Ingrid’s lead and got a Boont Amber Ale for my second.

I don’t know how my wonderful helpers felt, but by the time I got home, I was ready to pass the heck out!

I’m going to treasure every day between now and July 1.


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