Day 23: Bakesales & Beers

Apologies my internet is not set up for me at the new place. You’ll be getting bulk posts and minimal photos until it’s resolved. I’m still out there Brew to Baying!

Got a late start after a relatively rough night’s sleep in the new abode (perhaps it was the late-night pizza). After a morning of unpacking, I headed down the hill and over to Bi-Rite to check out the Bakesale for Japan. I bought the beautiful Pain de Campagne (above) there and what a surprise when I opened the bag much later! It’s as tasty as gorgeous and apparently De Bejkr doesn’t sell anywhere but Oakland and Sonoma, so it was a rare find in city limits!

While waiting for MAB to head over to the Mission for her proposed afternoon of more Off the Grid and a biergarten, I wandered around the ‘hood for a bit. I stumbled upon a random garage sale, which made me feel a lot better about the crap I purged from my life on this move. I then swung into Harrington Antiques, where I felt glad about getting my furniture from Craigslist. Next stop was a pop through of Aldea Home, where I wanted to buy everything in sight, but purchased nothing. Once I’m “settled” somewhere I can see myself doing damage here. After leaving there I followed chalk arrows to a pop up vintage store  — Vacation Vintage — on 17th & Capp. I didn’t make up my mind on anything before MAB texted, which was probably a good thing, but I will watch for the chalk signs again!

MAB and I went epic on our day from the get go. Pulled in by an adorable blue dress in the window, we discovered Nooworks on Valencia. I wanted to buy everything I tried on, but settled on the blue patterned dress in the current homepage photo (blond model). MAB got the same print, but on a different fabric and color. Turns out the print was designed by a local artist and they make the textiles locally as well. What a great stumble upon!

Our tummies grumbling, we hit up the McCoppin Off the Grid. I wanted to sample a couple of things, so I got a Korean beef taco from Seoul on Wheels (sweet) and a Hawaiian beef kick (taco) from Iz-It. Both were delicious, but I think the latter was my favorite as I got it “kicked up” and MAN was it spicy (but also sweet). Great flavor.

Next up, MAB planned for us to go to Zeitgeist — a bar I’d heard about from Ingrid YEARS ago. When my beer snob friends visit, if it’s a nice day, THIS is where we’re going (then Toronado later or when it’s raining). I started with a Russian River Damnation Belgian Ale. I could still stand after, but lightened it up with a Bear Republic NorCal Bitter.

Mary Ann was up for still hanging out, so we meandered back to the heart of the Mission. Speaking of, I was on a mission to find skirt hangers, but it was not to be. I loaded up on other apartment essentials at Walgreen’s, but no skirt hangers to be found. Goodwill apparently doesn’t sell hangers, in case you wondered. Ready to placate my defeat with another brewski, we decided to pop into the good ol’ Phoenix, where I could watch the UConn/KY game too. We made a brief detour to ShoeBiz after making our way past breakdancers. Is it terrible that I’m so skeptical of “cool” flash things like this now? I’m always wondering what corporation is behind it making a “viral” video. Jaded, jaded PR professional.

MAB and I stood for awhile at Phoenix, sipping our way through Hop Stoopids. We found a spot at the bar, and bless that MABby, she let me sit so I could see the TV and the game. We ordered up some wings, salad, and thanks to the dudes next to us the Tayto plate (chips AND fries). We washed this down with a Racer 5 IPA since the Hop Stoopid tap was out. Thank goodness I have to walk a ton in this city or yikes.

Suddenly it was 10 p.m. and I was pooped from another epic MABathon (I do love them though!!). We parted ways at the 24th St. BART and I moseyed home, briefly chatted with my roommate, and hit the hay.


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One Response to Day 23: Bakesales & Beers

  1. Mary Ann says:

    How funny! When you mentioned overpriced antiques of dubious quality, I was going to ask if you meant Harringtons. 🙂

    Oh, and I saw the most adorable waste baskets in Japan town, if you haven’t found one yet. They’re bright colors with polka dots. Perfect companion to your purple desk!

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