Day 24: Errands

Apologies for the delays – my internet is not set up for me at the new place. You’ll be getting bulk posts and minimal photos until it’s resolved. I’m still out there Brew to Baying!

You know you actually live somewhere when “errands” are an actual part of your day. Imagine not really having run errands for 24 days. I was pretty busy on Sunday.

I slept in and missed Team Challenge Practice. I will be posting more about Team Challenge in the coming weeks, as the time has come to really step up my fundraising efforts. Please consider donating to my efforts to help fight Crohn’s & Colitis.

Feeling guilty (and thinking about all the crap I downed Saturday), I made sure to go on a 4.39 mile run before I did anything else. (Speaking of which do you want to donate $4.39 to my Team Challenge efforts for that?). I barely made it home to shower before I had dart up to the Castro for a massage from Always Tan Skin & Body. Unfortunate name fora spa, but awesome, awesome massage. I told my masseuse, Rakh, about the half last week, so he paid extra attention to the leg work. I felt so much better after. Hooray for Groupon and discounted spa services.

After a quick stop for a raspberry waffle from Belgian Street Waffles, I came back home and organized a bit more before heading out to find those elusive skirt hangers. Find them I did, and some cheap sheets to suffice better than my accidental duvet cover, a curtain, and other random cheap bedroom supplies — all at Anna’s Linens on Mission. The Yelp reviews are really mixed on it, but I loved it and the staff was so nice. I’m also constantly amazed at how fluent so many store clerks are in both Spanish and English. Man, I really wish I was bilingual.

I biked back up the hill with my full load, emptied out and organized, then headed back north to buy new running shoes (mine were really dead after the half). I stopped for a quick vegetarian taco from El Tonayense, then continued on to  Sports Basement on Bryant. I seriously love this store and think Milwaukee’s Laacke & Joys would benefit from a visit out here to learn from its quirkiness. I had a near super bargain, as my model of Sauconys were on markdown, but alas they did not have my size. I upgraded to the latest model and was pleased to find the prize comparable to what I paid at InStep last December. I’m really finding that apart from housing (and of course gasoline, which I don’t use), SF really isn’t that much more expensive than Milwaukee. There are certainly places you can go if you want to spend money, but you can get along just fine on lower budget too.

Since I was in the neighborhood, and had extra bags in my backpack, I decided to stop into Rainbow Grocery Co-op, which I’d heard so much about. Holy moly, this place is like Outpost on steroids. Anything you’d ever want in bulk, anything you’d ever want vegan (I actually didn’t think there was a dairy section until I realized it was just separate from the giant vegan “dairy” section), anything you’d ever want period, it’s there. True, because I found the yoga carrier I was looking for and didn’t find at Sports Basement there (and picked up a mat too — although those were about $3 more than SB). I also stocked up on many groceries to make some lunches for the week. And realizing that I’ve actually been lacking on my dairy intake since leaving Wisco, stocked up some cheese, yogurt, milk and eggs. Oh and I got locally produced olive oil (in bulk), avocados, and blood oranges — I seriously love this part about living in California.

Loaded up, but managing on the ol’ bikeroo, I stopped by my old temporary home to drop off the key and grab my toiletries out of the shower (I knew I’d forget something!). Once again, I cannot express how grateful I am to my hosts. They are actually in the process of launching a book tour, so I’ll be pimping that on the blog soon.

Somehow I fit everything back on me and headed back up the hill to home. I did more organizing and then made up a light meal for myself — a tasty salad and yesterday’s bread with hummus. And a glass of organic milk. Mmm-mmm. Except I took a nice bite out of the inside of my cheek. Not so mmm.

Our internet not cooperating (I never thought I’d actually miss Time Warner, but WTH with AT&T not having a 24-hour customer service line?!?!), I biked down to 24th to find wifi. One discovery of moving to this part of town is that 24th St. between Mission & Bryant (and possibly further east) is its own vibrant little sub-neighborhood. I managed to find a cute little coffee shop, Haus Coffee, with a super friendly barista who was kind enough to give me extra quarters when I mentioned I had to do laundry soon. Good music and it looked like a nice back patio — I think I’ll be going back. I enjoyed a Mighty Leaf Mint Melange tea while catching up on this whole blog thing and other Internet errands.

The fantastic part of this little strip is that it’s just a short bike ride from my new pad, hooray for a city with vibrant neighborhoods everywhere you turn. Especially when all the errand-running wears you out and you’re ready again to crash when you get home. I did get to chat with my roomie a bit more when I got back though and she told me a couple more places to check in our hood.

I can’t wait to explore more.


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  1. Becky says:

    Guess what line in this post made me giggle?

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