Day 26: April Showers

Apologies for the delays – my internet is not set up for me at the new place. You’ll be getting bulk posts and minimal photos until it’s resolved. I’m still out there Brew to Baying!

No it did not rain on Tuesday, but April showered me with plans for the end of the month.

I forgot to post that on Monday nights I made my selections for what films I’ll be seeing during the San Francisco International Film Festival. So after a busy morning, I used my lunch to snatch up tickets to my “must sees” (although two were sold out), so that I can sign up for volunteer shifts later this week.

Here’s what I’m definitely seeing:  4/22: Microphone ; 4/22: Stake Land (Zombie Vampires? Uh, yeah.); 4/23: !Women Art Revolution ; 4/24 The Future; 4/25: Cave of Forgotten Dreams (Mary Ann & I are stoked for a Herzog date); 4/30: Terri (I can actually afford the film & party for this one – swanky); 5/1: The Arbor ; 5/1: The Joy; 5/3: Tabloid ; and 5/4: Submarine.

Of course, no sooner had I confirmed tickets for 4/29: The Selling that Twitter informed me that TV On the Radio is playing a two-night stint at The Independent on Friday and Saturday of that weekend. Since I’d shelled out more for 4/30’s events, I’m going to try and get tickets for Friday, I will sacrifice a midnight movie if need be. I also possibly have a friend coming down for the weekend’s festivities – so yes, April is showering me in activity!

My work day went along at a nice clip, thanks in part to getting my hands on (thanks Grant!) a recording of LCD Soundsystem’s last show on Sunday. If you haven’t heard this yet, it’s epic. It’s also 3.5 hours and you’re warned that you’ll probably have a dance party at your desk.

Although I was exhausted at the end of the day, I was determined to get in some exercise after work. I put on my hiking shoes and headed up the hill behind our house to Bernal Heights Park. Wow. The views were totally breathtaking from up here. It was a clear evening so you could see quite a ways away. I promise I’ll put pictures up again sometime, but I also have to go up there with my “good camera.” Glad it’s so close!

Hiking (and the light lunch I packed) had me working up quite an appetite, so I meandered down the hill, past Precita Park, down to 24th Street. I ended up picking the taqueria with the longest line, as my tummy was roaring and it was getting dark. Taqueria Guadalajara certainly was not a disappointment. I honestly don’t know how I lived with taquerias being a regular option in my life. I don’t think I can ever go to Chipotle or QDoba again. I had a regular chicken burrito, the chips (with loads of different salsa from the salsa bar), and as an extra treat I quenched my thirst with Jugo de Naranja — that’s right, fresh-squeezed OJ. Delicious. The service was really friendly for a no-frills place too. I adored it. PLUS I had a bunch o’ burrito left at the end (they’re HUGE), so I knew my Wednesday meal wouldn’t leave me famished (I just had a salad, hummus & toast for packed lunch).

Walking back up toward Harrison I gave into temptation and opted to stop at Humphry Slocombe ice cream parlour. This place ALWAYS has a line, and since the temps were getting chillier, I went in. So I’m finding that ice cream is the new cupcake. I’m totally fine with this, but I also know the secret that no ice cream will match the amazingness of Olson’s in Chippewa Falls, WI. I think the secret is to have both interesting flavors AND crazy good dairy. The cows here may be “happier,” but that buttery goodness of Wisconsin dairy – haven’t quite found it yet.

All that said, this place excelled in the interesting flavors category. And many of them combined well. For this reason, I decided to go with one scoop Secret Breakfast (Bourbon and Cornflakes) plus one scoop Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee. They married PERFECTLY and the whole thing was like a decadent brunch-themed dessert. I actually don’t know if I could try another combo from there!

Again, it’s a lucky thing that I have to walk up a huge hill back home because I can burn some of the calories imbibed in the valley. Encouraged by the Wisconsin political results popping up on my twitter feed, I decided to stay up and watch them a bit over my iPhone. I put on some sweats, poured a glass of wine, cheered on my friends on Twitter, and chatted with my roommate who was also encouraged by the news. We’re routing for Milwaukee here in California! Glad that the April elections showered me with positive news.


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