Day 28: Venturing Solo


It’s hard to believe I’ve been here a full month. I am glad to be returning to places I like and to start going out of my comfort zone a bit to stay on discovering new spots.

Thursday started off with a quick stop at Haus Coffee to get some internet errands done before work. My day flew by and before I knew it, it was time to head over to Japantown to attend the Volunteer Orientation for the San Francisco International Film Festival at the New People Cinema. I was truly pleasantly surprised that there aren’t any major hills between work and the area I’ll be volunteering in. Glad to know I can pop over there easily and not sweat up my volunteer t-shirt.

I had some time to kill, so I grabbed a quick bite at the YakiniQ Café. Admittedly I was a little disappointed with my Thai Chicken Caesar Salad, however I made up for it with this tasty little Cassis Cookie which paired nicely with my green tea.



For some reason, I wasn’t in much of a “talk to people” mood when I went to the orientation. I did introduce myself to the Volunteer Manager, since I had gotten an email intro through my lovely Milwaukee Film contacts. But then I just sort of sat and chilled, eavesdropping on conversations. It was a diverse group of volunteers, and I’m truly excited to get to know people through doing the festival. Hopefully by the time it rolls around I’ll be less introverted.


I generally don't take pictures of toilets, but this was warranted.

It was also sort of amazing to discover toilets of the future in the New People. I mean I’ve heard these exist in Japan, but here’s another example of not having to hop on a plane to travel somewhere exotic in your own city. Yes, the small things still do excite me.
While waiting for orientation to begin, I did map out my route back home. It appeared cutting all the way up Webster, through Lower Haight would be the easiest. I thought I’d work in a stop at Toronado since on twitter it was National Beer Day. I certainly earned my beer, as there were some crazy hills up Webster. BUT I made it all the way up without walking. My legs are eventually going to be amazing.

I ran into an awkward scenario while sipping my Moonlight Brewing Company Boat to Bombay IPA (which was a little too bitter for my tastes), in that once again all the bar seats were taken, so I had to stand and sip and look terribly out of place. No wonder I used to smoke when I would go to bars alone. I mean, it’s a good way to meet people when you do have a seat at the bar, but otherwise taking the leap of faith and “traveling” alone can be socially uncomfortable. Still, I can’t let anxiety get the best of me. I think it’s good to test oneself.

I did have one brief convo with a smoker while I was unlocking my bike, he complimented my “I Support Bumperstickers” bumpsticker. Glad to give someone a chuckle. Armed with the confidence of human interaction, I decided to finally pop into a neighborhood bar I’ve been eyeing all week called Dirty Thieves.


As I expected, it was a cool little hipster place (see photo) that seemed like it would exist in Riverwest or Bay View. I ran into the awkward seat situation, but fortunately one opened up not long after I ordered my Dogfish. I had to meet up with a woman from the YNPN listserv to hand off some Green Festival tickets, so I was perfectly positioned to be close to home. Unfortunately just as I was getting comfortable (and allowed the bartender to convince me to order an Anchor Steam), I got the call to head up the hill. Probably for the best, but I look forward to popping in here again.


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