Day 30: Killing My Hangover

Perhaps if I hadn't taken an epic nap, I'd have seen this live painting from the start.

Needless to say, I was feeling pretty rough when I awoke Saturday morning. No sooner did I have my bearings, than I had to head to a pre-scheduled appointment with Stork’s Skin Therapy to cash in a LivingSocial coupon. Caroline was running behind with another customer, but that was fine. I curled up in a ball in her lovely little lounge and drank half her lemon water. I also had a nice chuckle at the random blog link my friend Mike put on my facebook wall. I have no idea how my Christmas present picture ended up here, and it may cause a family feud, but it’s pretty damn hilarious.

I love when you find places through LivingSocial or Groupon that you will absolutely go back to. It’s a nice way for me to find service providers in my new city too. I highly recommend Caroline. She was pleasant, friendly, and got what can be an awkward service done quickly and painlessly. My eyebrows look fabulous. She is a fellow Midwesterner (by birth not accident), so we chatted about the calling to come to a place like San Francisco once your friends all married off and you knew that wasn’t your track.

By the time we were done though, I was pretty much ready to collapse. I headed back to my bed and passed out for a nice long nap. On the way to/from Caroline’s I’d passed the Cesar Chavez Festival and was determined to make it back down.


Isn't it awesome to have a festival CELEBRATING labor?

Unlike street fests in Milwaukee, this one wasn’t filled with food, but rather vendors and nonprofits only, as well as some live art, and of course music (I caught part of the Cuban Cowboys). This set up encouraged myself and other visitors to explore the spots along 24th Street. I’d never really been down the west end of 24th, so it was a good experience. Spied a few boutiques I’d like to pop into, and briefly visited Wonderland, which I need to go back to without a pounding headache. My stomach was starting to give me signs that it needed sustenance, so I went into the most awesome looking joint I could find.


My thumb aside, this place is awesome.

At La Palma, I discovered that I need to learn some Mexican recipes, because I can get all my supplies here. In the meantime, needing food right away, I ordered a chicken sope and then went back for some chips and guac to take home. All fresh, all insanely delicious. On the stroll back up to run some errands, I also noticed the oodles of public art adorning the streets and alleys around 24th. It’s all bright and colorful, but I’d definitely like to know the story behind some of it.


Yeah, I don't know either.


Alien Mayan Jesus?

I mean, the baby one, I actually kinda do dig. That baby just looks so happy to be born! I have a feeling my friend Nora’s kid is going to be like that in a couple weeks. However, the alien Jesus in the desert — not quite sure. After the wandering, and a stop at Walgreen’s, I did bit of blogging and laughing at Facebook photos of a fish with my face on it out at a bachelorette party in Milwaukee while sitting once again in Bello Coffee & Tea. I headed back up to the apartment to make myself look human.

Ingrid was picking me up and we were meeting her friend Claire in Potrero for dinner. We were supposed to go to a place called Slow Club, but that didn’t work out. I’m sure it may be delicious, but the service is abhorrent. They were to call us when our table was ready, but NEVER did. We called to check in after 30 minutes and they told us they were still waiting. Whatever. In the meantime, we grabbed a pre-dinner drink (well Ingrid & Claire did, I stuck to coffee) at Coffee Bar. They were friendly and we’d absolutely come back on a warm day to sit on their awesome patio. There was some sort of Game Night event going on there though, so we finished our drinks and headed across the street to Circolo to eat.

As you can tell by the pictures, the food was delicious, too bad the Ultra Lounge concept always makes me giggle. What is WITH that music on the website? That aside though, we split taste-tastic small plates of South American Flatbread, Pan-Fried Udon, Beet Salad, and Halibut Ceviche.

We rushed through our apps though, off to the theatre! My new roommate actually is involved in writing for a sketch group here called Killing My Lobster. We had tickets to their late night Reboots show, at the Jewish Theatre of San Francisco, built around a technology theme. It turns out nothing cures a hangover more than laughing really, really hard, so this was a perfect way to spend the evening. I also met a bunch of friends of Ingrid’s, so all in all a good time. And I hit the pillow before the stroke of midnight.


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