Day 35: Tuckering Thursday


Obviously from such a late night the night prior, I slept until the last possible minute before heading to work. When I left, all I wanted to do was go home and take a nap, but I knew I had to pack and whatnot before flying out. Luckily I recalled it was the first night of the Mission Community Market for 2011, so I took some time to wander around that. It reminded a bit of a smaller version of the Easttown Farmers Market. Definitely a neighborhood-focused event, with as many non-profits and community vendors as farmers.


I picked up some fresh chandler strawberries and tangerines to bring back to my Milwaukee hosts. I also listened to some gypsy street music and learned about a cool urban farming group called Urban Sprouts, which cultivates school gardens (awesome!).

Realizing I wasn’t going to have much time for dinner between running and packing, I allowed myself to be enticed by the Chilean Empanada booth. This was unlike any empanada I’d ever had. It was more like a calzone-type dough, with the grass-feed, organic ground beef mixed with all sorts of tasty things like raisins, and then right smack in the middle of it was a hard-boiled egg. Surprise with every bite!


Running” my way up the hill to Bernal Heights Park managed to do the trick of getting me tired out for my redeye flight. I love the views from up there, it’s just the getting up the 80 degree slope on Folsom that’s the hard point.

After a quick shower, pack, and roomie chat, I was on my way to the 24th Street BART. On the way I passed a guy in skinny jeans and a dumb hat playing a ukelele, just to remind me that appreciate the “normalcy” of the weekend and that no matter what anyone in Milwaukee says, I’m not really that much of a hipster.


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