Bay to Brew: SUNday

20110420-173647.jpg After a delicious pancake breakfast from the fabulous Heather, I headed back to Milwaukee’s east side to begin the last day of my visit with a long run with my friends Ben and Lish who are training for the Summerfest Rock N Sole Half Marathon.  The sun was actually out for the first time on my visit, and Ben plotted an excellent 6+ mile route for us. A nice refresher for me of Milwaukee’s water-based beauty, we ran by river all the way to the Lake, and through Lakeshore State Park.  Unfortunately, I was feeling extremely dehydrated by the time we hit Discovery World, so I had to stop at the “bubbler” and finish the rest of the run on my own. Thanks to Ben for letting me use his shower before I headed forth to explore my former hometown for the afternoon. 20110420-173654.jpg Next stop was to go get a “real” Bloody Mary – one with all the fixings and a beer chaser. On my way up to Downer, I ended up running into one of my volunteers from Milwaukee Film, Mary Ann, and we talked about the upcoming fest in San Francisco. I was really happy to meet up with my dear friend Wren at Café Hollander. We’ve both had a lot of shift in our lives and haven’t been keeping in touch the way we should. I’m excited that she’s been busy with awesome projects like Gunslinger Creative and a new gallery show in Waukesha. I’m so lucky to have such amazingly talented friends. (She’s also in the process of joining the ranks of California residents – so I’m stoked to have her back within 500 miles). After snarfing down a lion burger and frites at brunch, I decided to aimlessly wander and take in a gorgeous Wisconsin spring day. After such crappy weather the rest of the trip, I’m glad Milwaukee rolled out the lovely so I wouldn’t leave overly bitter. 20110420-173733.jpg Wandering the lakefront, I had a brief run in with Becky who was on her daily run. I was thrilled to have a few extra seconds with a dear friend. I may not miss the weather in Milwaukee, but I sure do miss my crew. 20110420-173718.jpg Somehow my wandering sped by, so I hustled down to the Milwaukee Public Market to grab some culinary gifts for my SF peeps before I had to get to Bay View for dinner. West Allis Cheese & Sausage Shoppe had everything I needed in terms of cheese curds and Usinger’s Sausage (shaped like a PBR bottle). I also snagged some of the delicious horseradish havarti that they carry for myself. Still thirsty, I slurped a rosewater lemonade from Aladdin. I planned to go hit up Alterra Foundry for a bit, but wandering by Cranston I popped my head in to see if my friend Mark was working. He was, so we ended up chatting until I had to go snag a 15 toward Bay View. Getting there about half an hour earlier than I was to meet everyone for dinner, I pulled up to a table at Sven’s and sipped on some coffee to perk up a bit. I’m glad to live in a city with coffeeshops like this on almost every corner – especially with WiFi!

20110420-173749.jpg 20110420-173756.jpg

My final stop in Milwaukee was Honeypie for dinner with Lars, Mar, Becky, Craig, and Brooke. I also bumped into my friend Jenn there, who was shocked to see me back. Surprise! Our dinner group had a great time catching up. I miss those guys terribly and I hope all can visit me soon. The food was just as good as the company. I opted for the seasonal menu and ordered the Winter Squash Risotto, served over a bed of charred brussels sprouts and topped with radish sprouts from Sweet Water Organics. YUM. Then Lars and I split a mint chocolate pie. And then I unbuttoned my pants on the plane (kidding).

Big thanks to Becky for getting me (and my golfclubs – thanks Tony for storing them) to the airport on time.

Flight was somewhat uneventful, except for the hour delay and the flight attendant banging my knee with the cart was a formula for cranky Meghan. Since I got home post-BART, I had to take Supershuttle, which despite having a reservation took almost an hour to get me in a van and home. I went to bed without letting that bother me though, since I’d wisely taken Monday off and fell asleep with happy thoughts of my wonderful friends and a positive view of my former hometown, but knowing that I’ve made the right decision to move on to my new one.


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