Day 40: A Good Friday of Film

San Francisco Summary Week: In light of being over a week behind on posting, most of these posts will be summaries.


San Francisco Fish Fry

Whoops of the Day: Taking care to order the veggie dish from JapaCurry over lunch and then forgetting it was Good Friday and being seduced by the freaking delicious beef sushi at Isobune at dinner.

Treat of the Day: Mochi Kebab at Japan Center. I’m still not 100% sold on sweet bean paste as a dessert, but I’ll try anything once (that’s for you Becky).

Compliment of the Day: Overhearing SFIFF staff refer to me as a “dream volunteer.” Again, huge thanks to Milwaukee Film for training me well.

American Celebrity Sighting of the Day: California Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom, whose wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, premiered her documentary Miss Representation at the festival.

International Celebrity Sighting of the Day: Khaled Abol Naga, my new Egyptian Jon Hamm who was there to introduce the excellent film Microphone

Best Revolutionary Film: Microphone, a film about the underground art and music scene in Alexandria, Egypt. It had very coincidentally premiered in its home country the night of January 25, when the revolution began. Great movie exploring the power of the arts, but also how sometimes one just has to get out. Related: I totally want the soundtrack.

Most Disappointing Midnight Movie: Stake Land. Waaaaay to introspective of a zombie/vampire movie for me. Like Zombieland if they stripped out all the jokes or more so like Winter’s Bone, but with zombie-vampires replacing Methheads (don’t know what’s scarier). One interesting thing to me was while there were cracks (like the only humor in the movie) about crazy Christian cults there was also a strong Catholic nun character (whoa, just saw on IMDB that it was Kelly McGillis – of Top Gun fame) and Catholic symbolism.


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