Day 41: Single Seats

San Francisco Summaries: In light of being over a week behind on posting, most of these posts will be summaries.

Volunteer Skillz of the Day: Ushering SFIFF patrons into theater for a sold out film. Counting the single seats and making announcements like “All the single folks come over to me! I won’t ask for your number, but I’ll find you a seat.”

Best Art Education Documentary: !Women Art Revolution about the feminist art movement in the ’70s and ’80s, which screened at SFMOMA as part of SFIFF. In light of the recent banning of the word “uterus” in the Florida legislature, it’s apparent that artworks exploring women’s issues need to continue to be shown. The ultimate irony was that the filmmaker produced the film with the proceeds of artworks that were returned to her in the ’70s with the investors saying that female artists never appreciated in value. The film (and art) did not shy away from issues of rape, domestic violence, domestic trappings, and female sexuality. I pretty much am in love with it and it inspired me to be bolder and more frank in addressing issues in my own life. So be warned blog readers. Grrrrl power. It also is tied with this awesome interactive website.


My Bike Takes a Ride to Oakland

Best Field Trip on Two Wheels & Tracks: Heading to Oakland to celebrate the engagement of my friends Marley and Dan. Bike and I got to experience the awesomeness of BevMo!, ride through the Jack London Square area, and visit with great friends (and many folks biked there, so my bike got to make friends in the spare room). We also got super lost and ended up on Berkeley on BART later, thus missing the 9:30 film I’d planned to catch.

Roommate Bonding Experience of the Night: Dropping a Heathcliff reference, leading into a conversation about a shared love of 19th Century British literature, especially George Eliot‘s Middlemarch.


Exploring the "dives" of the Mission

Best Alternate Plans of the Evening: Since I missed my movie, I met out with Ken and his friends in the Mission and hit up several hidden gems: Elixir, 500 Club, Latin American Club, and Make Out Room. I also had my first “hey! I know you!” moment here when we ran into Elena, our fave bartender from Dirty Thieves.

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