Two Month-a-Versary and Blog Reset!

Thought I fell into the Bay?

Well, almost.

A couple of things happened:

I ended up making friends and sort of getting into the routine of having an actual life here in SF. Go figure! (May 10 marked two months since my arrival).

There was a film festival. I volunteered a lot. And attended 14 screenings. (Surprise fave of mine: SOUND OF NOISE. Those crazy Scandinavians get me every festival!) And had a friend come in from out-of-town to go to movies and a canceled (well, postponed) concert.

I ran my first promotion at work. That was fun.

I got really, really, really sick. So sick in fact that I couldn’t complete my volunteering duties (SO SAD). I also had to navigate the healthcare system as an underinsured person (waiting for my new policy to kick in). Thank goodness for awesome friends who worked via many methods to find me a clinic. Brooke ended up pointing me to Care Practice, which provided me with at least basic care and without any scariness. They thought I may have had mono, but it was more likely that my glands were the size of softballs fighting off an infant disease that picked this adult’s mouth to infest. Yeah. It WAS that gross.

But now I’m feeling better. I basically had a week off to chill. I had two out-of-town visitors during my infirm, who put up with my sobriety (hooray drug cocktail) and fear of smiling. Hopefully Nicole and Paul will both make it back through when I’m in tip-top Meghan form.

I do have to be honest and realize that daily blogging is not sustainable, so I’m going to do my best to be weekly (with a smattering of bonus updates).

I also have to be honest and let you know that I am really going to be stepping up my efforts for my Team Challenge training. I’m financially on the hook to raise $2700 to fight Crohn’s and Colitis and I’ve had friends believe in me $800 of the way. I have a goal of finding 150 people to support me with $13.10 by July 17. Any ideas of how to do that?

Speaking of running and insane goals, I’ve also decided to start another run streak to keep me focused and creating those good ol’ endorphins. So yeah, keeping busy.

What’ve you been up to?

About Meghan A.

creative & professional creative professional | communications, content & community | nasty woman | adventurer & inspiration seeker | bicyclist & feminist | walk san francisco board | current: Adobe Typekit Product Marketing Manager, former: TYPO SF magic maker
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