August Wrap-Up & Starting September


Jason & I pre-Zipline. 100% less dangerous than the cab ride from Agra to Tundla.

It’s already September 13, so I better wrap up August and get you up to speed with September. I’ve been busy, I know. It was as if San Francisco read my Missing Milwaukee post and decided to pull out all the stops. Here’s the highlights of the last few weeks:

  • Spending the night of the 26th nerding out  hardcore from 7 p.m. to 3 A.M. (!!!) at the Castro Theatre for a TRIPLE FEATURE of Scott Pilgrim vs. The WorldHot Fuzz, and Shaun of the Dead.  Edgar Wright in person exceeded my expectations. I like just want to drink beers with that dude and laugh at everything bizarre in the world. I truly think this event was the coolest film geek thing I ever did.
  • Showing my dear friend Jason around SF. We hit up Zeitgeist, an Ethiopian Pop Up Dinner, Alembic (where we met up with J’s awesome friend from high school), and Murio’s on the first night. Started our Sunday with an eponymous brunch at 25 Lusk, a walk by the Bay with Mary Ann, a zipline across Justin Hermann Plaza, a swing through the Ferry Building and stroll through Alamo Square. We regrouped and hit the pavement with a run through Golden Gate Park, earning some Little Chihuahua burritos and drinks at Toronado and The Page. Despite my self-imposed vegetarianism (now over, thank goodness), I made sure Jason experienced Pork Store Café before heading out for his work stuff.
  • Finally getting to go to the Little Roxie Theater where I saw the great documentary Shut Up, Little Man! There’s a long history of bad neighbor stalking in SF.
  • Catching the sold out Steins Collect exhibit on its closing weekend at SFMOMA thanks to the kindness of a woman with an extra ticket.
  • Breaking my meatfast with breakfast bacon from Jablow’s Meats and lunch from Fatted Calf.
  • Having an epic wander day on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, which started with a quest for an Arizmendi Bakery muffin. I ended up also checking out the Wooly Pig Cafe, SF Zine Fest (where I picked up a comic collection about the Mission and the best t-shirt ever, amongst other things), the California Garden in Golden Gate Park, the Wicked Plants exhibit at the Conservatory of Flowers (which was significant because I read the book while on my trip to SF this weekend in 2009), the Velo Rouge Café, and walking all the way to the Presidio! That night I managed to drag myself to Cafe du Nord to see You Am I and some mediocre opening bands. I left early due to said bands and some bad pick up lines.
  • Sunday of that weekend I hit up the Rice Paper Scissors pop-up at the Blue Bottle Kiosk in Hayes Valley for some out-of-this-world Breakfast Banh Mi (with ham cured in banana leaves!) and worth-the-wait Vietnamese Coffee. I love the food these women make, so first thing in the morning it brought a bit of magic to my day. I spent my afternoon Wisconsin-style, meeting up with new friends (introduced through WI connections) in Alamo Square and then my friend Kelly who sort of wound up here unexpectedly. I met Kelly, her friend Evan, and our random Spanish friend, Pablo, in Dolores Park for an afternoon/evening of giggling and hijinks.
  • My day off from work, was not a day off for my energy. Monday was active day to the max. Seven mile run. Then a bike and hike with my co-worker to Land’s End to find the Labyrinth. It was amazing. I rewarded myself with a burrito which was ruined by drunk veterinarians at the adjacent table talking about nipple sutures and other inappropriate dog procedures.
  • My first September Tuesday began with me finally trying (and agreeing with the reviews) the best sandwich in SF at Ike’s. I then met Mary Ann at the Castro Theatre for a double-feature of Notorious and Suspicion to wrap up their Cary Grant tribute.
  • Thursday meant that Mary Ann and I paired up again for a night tour of Alcatraz. Because we’re both nerdily obsessed with So I Married An Axe Murderer, she queued up “Two Princes” for the boat ride over. After the tour (which was quite excellent and I recommend it), we of course went to Fog City Diner and played “would you rather.” Though I was exhausted, I thoroughly enjoyed our mussels, brussels sprouts and tuna tartare.
  • Friday was relatively mellow, hitting up an engagement party for Ingrid and Ben at Pause Wine Bar. Mmm. Wine. It was a little toasty that day so white wine was hitting the spot for all of us.
  • Saturday was pretty mellow, with laundry and a run, until Ingrid texted me with the opportunity to join her and Ben at the San Francisco Opera that evening. It was the world premiere of Heart of a Soldier, based on a book written post-9/11. Moving story and sort of chilling on the anniversary eve.
  • Obviously Sunday was fairly heavy, so I reflected by writing a little essay and going to church around the corner at St. Agnes. After six months in SF (as of Saturday night) I finally got to church! I hit up the Divis Farmers’ Market, then met up with Mary Ann and Ollie to meander about Sunday Streets in NoPa/Western Addition.

All caught up? Nothing too exciting too far this week, except finding a decent Matzo Ball soup at Moishe’s Pippic Deli in Hayes Valley. I’ll try and keep you better posted.

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