Summer in September


So people kept telling me about this Indian Summer thing and even though I’d experienced before on trips out here, I never fully appreciated its glory.

OMG, glorious.

That said, I’ve also been keeping busy as a little bee this month (and combined with the gorgeousness of the weather, not blogging).

Here are some highlights:

  • Attended a screening of the terrifying documentary Malls R Us presented in part of Architecture in the City month. It combined concerns of monoculture, sustainability, consumerism and theology all into one truly thoughtful film. There were also two great shorts before hand, one about dumpster pools in Brooklyn and a beautiful film about an architect learning to experience buildings by touch after a brain tumor rendered him blind.
  • Participated in two events focused around the “Artists Underfoot” show at Workspace. My membership with both Walk SF and the SF Bike Coalition pointed me in this direction. I went to the opening party to see lots of wonderful art inspired by looking down, as well as see a lecture about experiencing city history through engravings on manhole and other utility covers. Then, last Saturday I rode the incredible “Sewer Tour” with 50+ other cyclists to learn about the combined sewer system and historic watersheds of San Francisco. NERDTASTIC!
  • Spent my Friday at a design and branding conference where I got to live tweet for work. I heart my job.
  • Briefly experienced the pretty groovy Rock Make Festival in the Mission. Most importantly I finally got to meet my fabulous friend Amber!
  • Checked out Big Art Group’s: The People staged at Z Space in collaboration with Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Mashup of live performance of a modernized Oresteia and interviews about war and justice. Staged inside and projected outside a warehouse, with the audience outside.
  • Hit up Sunday Streets in Chinatown and North Beach. Finally popped into Old St. Mary’s Cathedral and climbed Telegraph Hill (no I did not see any parrots) to Coit Tower. Total single person for the win there – got to skip the long elevator line! I also had no idea about the history of that building. Loved, loved, loved all the New Deal murals in there. Imagine! Creating jobs with arts programs. Sigh.
  • Enjoyed an epic neighbor bonding dinner with Mary Ann at Zazie. Nom nom nom.
  • Reveled in the Think Bike event presenting innovative bicycling ideas based on the Amsterdam model. Packed house and found out that Gary Fisher lives on The Wiggle. Pretty cool! Seriously though, I salivated at the proposals of a reconstructed Market St., a separated bikeway on Polk, and a Wiggle that pretty much stopped short of free drinks and massages for bikers.
With those great weeks behind me, now I’m off to revisit my twentysomething roots – Milwaukee here I come!

About Meghan A.

creative & professional creative professional | communications, content & community | nasty woman | adventurer & inspiration seeker | bicyclist & feminist | walk san francisco board | current: Adobe Typekit Product Marketing Manager, former: TYPO SF magic maker
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