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I found myself bumming a bit this weekend. Not just because both my best friend and my boyfriend have left for their respective holiday vacations already, but because I was missing my favorite event of all time, Milwaukee’s Santa Cycle Rampage. I’m sorry SantaCon, but you’ll never hold a candle. A huge thanks to my friends who shared the inebriated experience via the magic of SMS.


Although it did not have EPIC written all over it, I did get a nice group ride in on Sunday evening. I decided to hit the streets for the SF Bike Coalition‘s Holiday Lights Ride. It was neat to see the contrast of all the bike lights with the holiday decorations we rode by. We covered parts of the city I’d never been too and I couldn’t find again. We hit Sea Cliff at some point. There were lots of hills. No bar crawling and more of a family event, but still something to fill the void. And we still elicited smiles from passerbys.


The event ended in a very generous couple’s yard in the Inner Sunset, where we shared treats and drank mulled wine or hot cider. I talked with a very nice couple from across the Panhandle about triathlon training and learned there’s a pool at USF‘s Koret Center that has community memberships. Those Jesuit schools should partner up on reciprocal alumni memberships. Hmm….


In other news, I’m all prepared now for my next trip to Tahoe. Stopped by the awesome Pop Outerwear showroom (tucked away on Waller, it’s a must-visit if you’re in the Haight and looking for unique and fashionable mountain gear). Their hours are a little funky, but you can tweet them and they’ll be around (that’s what I did). Pricing in the showroom is quite a deal and they have a 100% return policy. The couple that runs it is super nice, knowledgeable and great at customer service. I bit the bullet and got a parka, snowpants & fleece. But I’ll be looking good!


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