Happy New Year!

Starting the New Year off with a recap of 2011 – amended from a mass email I sent out.

San Francisco on New Year's Day

My New Year’s Eve Facebook status was:
“…2011 HAS been the best year of my life, hands down. I achieved my #1 life goal. I ran two half marathons. I went to PARIS! I love my job. I love my home. I love my friends near and far, old and new…”

I achieved my #1 life goal. 2011 was the year I embarked on my life’s biggest adventure yet…packing up 12 years of life in Milwaukee and moving to my dream city of San Francisco (a goal I’d held since I was 10 years old). What a ride it’s been. Next life goal? Take a year off to travel around the world before I’m 40. Eight years to make that happen.

I ran two half marathons last year and both for good causes. Oakland in March for CALICO and Napa to Sonoma with Team Challenge. Signed up again in 2012 as well, and getting more involved with the causes, helping out with both teams. Thank you so much for those who supported me in my fundraising for them. This year the financial commitments won’t be so huge, but you will be subject to my social media activism to help others meet them.

I went to PARIS! When I moved to San Francisco, I was grateful enough for my good fortune this year. So the fact that I got to travel to Europe for work in October was just delicious, delicious icing. I spent 8 days in London for a conference that I will help replicate in SF in October, but beforehand I took some PTO and went to Paris. I’d never been and I really can’t wait to go back.

I love my job. I’ve had the privilege of building my own position and I’m really able to grow professionally. I’ve gotten to work on really cool projects with awesome people. Working on a huge conference for April, so will be throwing myself into it even more.

I love my home. I was so nervous about living with people again after holing up solo for three years. San Francisco has showed me how awesome cohabitating can be. My roommates, Rob and Sadie (and her boyfriend Omar, roommate 3.5) are amazing human beings. I also have the pleasure of having two cute pups living under the same roof. Grendel & Howard are awesome companions on the rare occasion I am at home and relaxing. I live in one of the most famous neighborhoods in the world in a house filled with art and good vibes. And I’ve been fortunate to have good homes my whole stay here – a huge thanks to Ritu and Darian to putting me up my first month and town, as well as Sabina, my wonderful sublet roommate as I got settled in!

I love my friends near and far, old and new. I feel like my bonds with many friends in Milwaukee have really strengthened since my move and I’m grateful for this. I am grateful for the hodgepodge of folks who have visited me too, whether couchsurfing or in town for work and looking me up. Of course I’ve also loved rebonding with my existing network of friends in the Bay Area and seeing Portland folks much more often. So wonderful to get to know everyone again. Meeting new folks is always an adventure, but I’ve met some incredible ones here. 2011 had the potential to end on a real downer note (I’ll spare you the details – let’s just say I’m single and ready to mingle), but my friends both locally and via the magic of technology made sure I had the happiest New Year ever.

I can’t wait to see what 2012 will bring! I already have my trip to a wedding in India approaching in just a few short weeks. What are YOU looking forward to?


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  1. Yay! I loved reading this and I am really happy to know you here in SF.

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