Scoutaversary & SanFraniversary


Both my Scoutaversary and SanFraniversary have passed since I last updated. I’m officially a terrible blogger. Or just a busy one.

Here’s a summarized update from my one year email:

A year ago Saturday night, March 11 the amazing Jane picked me up from my empty Milwaukee apartment and put me on a plane to my new home in San Francisco.

What a year it’s been! I could not have gotten through it without the support of each person on this email. My incredible family and friends new and old, whether I’ve known you for decades or for days, this huge transition only showed that no woman is an island.

I enter this second year in California with a resolve to give back more, as I’m so incredibly thankful for the opportunities I’ve had. I recently attended The Volunteer Center of SF’s Board Match event to find out ways to get more involved with area non-profits after current projects wrap up…those being:


It’ll be my second year running this race and supporting CALICO, which advocates for abused children in Alameda County. My friend Marley from high school got me involved with the team and the cause. I’m thrilled that my parents may be able to make it down and see me run my fourth (!!!) half. My goal is to raise $500 to help out this critical organization and I’m about 20% there. If you can help at all, it’d be much appreciated!

Donate here:


My professional life has been busy, busy, busy since October and dedicated primarily to bringing Europe’s premier design conference stateside. I’ve had so much fun working on marketing the conference and getting partners and sponsors involved. Still doing my FontShop duties too, so it’s been an awesome challenge. If you know any designers in the Bay Area, definitely encourage them to check it out.


Yep, I got involved again. This year I’m not fundraising, but mentoring four runners and helping them raise money and awareness for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. I’m excited to be involved in this great group again and keeping myself in check on Friday nights so I can be up early for Saturday practices 🙂

I look forward to sharing these adventures with you and hearing about yours. Here’s to another year of music festivals, outdoor excursions, international experiences (within my city and abroad), art and film, food and drink, and crazy stories!


And a blog I started around my Scoutaversary (I celebrated by seeing the Alabama Shakes (above) with Mary Ann.)

A year ago last Thursday (1/26) I hopped a plane to San Francisco to see if it was really feasible for an accidental wisconsinite like myself to make it work in my dream city. Thanks to the help of so many good friends, the “scouting trip” proved successful and I returned (with an awesome job) six weeks later.

My evening was so magical that I feel the city is STILL convincing me to move here.

On the way home, a random group of neighbors flagged down me and other cyclists on The Wiggle to offer free “reflectivizing.” With sewing machines and irons set up to attach reflective tape to bags and clothing, this group expected no charge but the promise to be safe. “We are all over 40 and can’t see,” one of the seamstresses told me. “We want to be able to see you.”

After a quick room clean, roomie chat and raincheck on pie, I headed downstairs to meet MAB for our friend date night. I wanted to get to The Independent early to score good positioning for the sold out Alabama Shakes, since the opener sounded decent enough. This in mind, the 45 minute wait at Nopalito wasn’t going to cut it.

I suggested we wander down Divis, passing up trendy restaurants, the dive bar with an Ethiopian food sign caught my eye. MAB quickly concurred, she’d been to Club Waziema several years earlier and never realized where exactly it was. We split the veggie combo and I sipped an Ethiopian lager in my quest tot try to new beers. Initially service and food were quick (it filled up when we were debating getting more food), so we got to the venue with plenty of time.

The timing played a key role in us scoring absolutely amazing seats for the show, which exceeded all expectations in blowing my mind.


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