32 by 33: April Check In


Opening TYPO | Photo Credit: Amber Gregory

About a week late, but last month was slightly insane with running the Oakland Half Marathon AND running a two-day conference. Here’s my report (sorry no links yet): 

  1. Pay off one source of outstanding debt
    Nothing in March, but I’ll have a great update next month.
  2. Coordinate one outing a month in a different San Francisco or Oakland neighborhood.
    Spent some quality time in Oakland. Hit up the Imperial Stout Fest at Beer Revolution (3/24) and returned to the Golden Lotus & Fox Theater on 4/10.
  3. Visit one of my five remaining states (Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Alaska)
    No progress.
  4. Read one book per month.
    Finished Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. Also quickly read Tiny Fey’s Bossypants.
  5. Curate and share one playlist per month on Spotify.
    2012 v.3: Best of March Tracks and Kicking a Goat’s Ass (Someone misread “Goal” for “Goat” on that and it stuck).
  6. Write one min. 1,000 word creative piece per month (essay or fiction).
    Big time fail…I’d like to be ambitious and say this rolls over…so I’m looking at 4,000 in April.
  7. Interact with a stranger every day. Try and update My Stranger Project.
    Blog STILL not being updated because Tumblr’s app is terrible, BUT doing my best to be cognizant of who I interact with.
  8. Discover and share something new every week.
    I’ve been really bad at keeping metrics for this, but I am always sharing onTwitter & Facebook. Again, I need to hold myself more accountable.
  9. Attend one concert per month.
    Creators Project (3/17): Zola Jesus, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Squarepusher, LCD DJ set at Fort Mason; Sharon Van Etten/War On Drugs (3/21) at Independent; Jeff Mangum (4/10) at Fox Theater
  10. Do yoga once a week.
    3/18/2012 (yin), 3/19 (restorative), 3/28 (restorative), 3/29 (ashtanga), 3/30 (meditation @ Hanuman), 4/1 (restorative)
  11. Cook something once a week.
    Been REALLY bad about this due to my busy schedule. I did make a tuna casserole for my Mad Men premiere party.
  12. Go out to a bar/restaurant by myself once per month.
    Mad Dog in the Fog (3/15 & 3/16) during March Madness; Toronado (4/8)
  13. Try a new beer once per week (resurrect Beer Broads).
    Again, having issues with Tumblr, but also haven’t been tracking. 3/18: Drake’s Pale Ale; 3/24: Imperial Stout Fest – Stone, Block, Oskar Blues, 4/10: Widmer Dark Saison
  14. Use my road bike once per month.
    No ride on my road bike, but took my new Jamis down to Lake Merced for a nice long ride.
  15. Try a new hike once per month.
    Just didn’t fit into my busy schedule. Boo.
  16. Spend the night in six other California cities/towns.
    No progress, but have a May overnight on the calendar.
  17. Achieve something major professionally.
    Successfully pulled off the inaugural TYPO San Francisco meeting attendance and other goals!
  18. Go to an 18 reasons event once per month.
    Schmendrick’s Bagel Education
  19. Have a new Totally Not For Mom story once a month (feel free to request password if you are not related to me).
    Wouldn’t you like to know? Ha. This is on track. Oh, is it ever.
  20. Make a new San Francisco/Bay Area friend a month.
    Made a lot of new friends through the TYPO conference. Excited about keeping this goal up!
  21. Volunteer for something new each month.
    Sunday Streets, Asian Film Fest
  22. Use my digital camera at least once a week.
    Really should’ve made this a once a month goal. Have pics from Easter I need to upload.
  23. Go to an art event, film screening or lecture at least once per month.
    A bunch of film screenings in March: “This Is Not Love” (SFAAF shorts), Jake Shimabukuro Doc & Performance (SFAAF); “The Island President” (3/20) (SFFS)
  24. Go out for a “foodie” meal at least once a month.
    Maven (3/19) with Ingrid.
  25. Kiss a South American. (This has been an unofficial goal for several years, as it’s my last remaining inhabited continent. I figure by making it official maybe I’ll be more motivated.)
    Continues to be elusive.
  26. Be the kind of person you don’t meet everyday, every day. (Thanks Derek for this one!)
    I’m trying! (But hoorah for abstract goals).
  27. Walk down a new street in SF each month. (Thanks Mary Ann!)
    I didn’t note if I did or didn’t. Whoops.
  28. Learn who each of the San Francisco supervisors are and who/where they represent. (Thanks Jodi!)
    I really need to get a hustle on learning this.
  29. Pamper myself with a massage, facial or mani/pedi once a month. (Thanks again Jodi!)
    Got a haircut before my conference!
  30. Befriend someone over 60. (Thanks Sadie!)
    Achieved in Feb!
  31. Buy something for a stranger once a quarter. (Thanks Dave P!)
    Disposed of my Disposable Film Fest Tickets to a twitter stranger, Gave an uneaten breakfast to homeless kids
  32. Send a letter or card to a different person once a week.
    3/19: Monica D.; 4/2: mom & dad; 4/10: WI Dept of Revenue

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