Music Madness: Fauxcella Recap


I don’t know how I overlooked it last year, but I learned in 2012 about “Fauxcella” the phenomenon that occurs in between and immediately preceding/following the two Coachella weekends, in which every band in the universe schedules dates in the Bay Area. Although I didn’t cough up half my budget to travel down the peninsula to see Radiohead, I did catch the following shows:

Jeff Mangum at Fox Theater: Disappointing due to the fact that this was a bad venue/artist match. The Fox is just too big for a very intimate singer/songwriter. With no seats on the floor, and Mangum sitting on the stage, you couldn’t even see more than an occasional glimpse of a pageboy cap between the crying hipsters. No doubt he’s an extremely talented artist, and we probably wouldn’t have The Decemeberists without Neutral Milk Hotel, but not a memorable show for me.

Mazzy Star at Regency Ballroom: I wish I could tell you how awesome this show was. I’m sure it was. I, unfortunately, was kept distracted by two extremely rude and socially inept British tourists the entire night. Hope’s still got it though, and I’d totally go see them again, but hopefully with different company.

Pulp at The Warfield: OMG. OMG. Seriously. I love Jarvis Cocker. This was the most amazing show EVAR. Heart heart heart! Like like like! No, really, I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing Pulp was. They didn’t ride off nostalgia, they actually rocked it. Hard. And Jarvis IS one of the best frontmen in rock. He possibly humped every item on the stage. Someone also legitimately threw a bra up there. In the running for my show of the year.

Wild Flag at The Fillmore: Carrie Brownstein is probably the coolest person on the planet. Is there anything that woman can’t do? I saw Sleater-Kinney at the end of their days, so awesome to catch a female supergroup at the height of their powers. Rawk.

Tune-Yards & St. Vincent at Fox Theater: Caught this the night after the SFIFF performance. Tune-Yards always kills and even brought adorable children on stage with them, but Annie Clark (St. Vincent), holy shit, stole the show. Ingrid remarked that she reminded her of a female Prince, and I have to agree. I saw her with Wren a few years ago in Milwaukee, and she’s truly transformed into a rock STAR. Definitely up there with the best guitarists I’ve ever seen. I will be adding St. Vincent to my NOT TO MISS show list henceforth.


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4 Responses to Music Madness: Fauxcella Recap

  1. cardassianvole says:

    Scott & I saw St Vincent last year at Treasure Island, and we couldnt stand her music. Since then I have come to believe that Scott &I are the only 2 people alive who feel that way. HELP ME UNDERSTAND, MEGHAN! ;P

    • Meghan A. says:

      Wow! What was it about her that you didn’t like? I feel the same way about Of Montreal. Everyone loves them, I just can’t.

      • cardassianvole says:

        I’ve been trying to remember exactly what it was. I do recall that I thought she was a bit too “art school” for me. I also am not typically a fan of female singers unless they are classic (Joni Mitchell) or involved with dance music (La Roux), so I’m sure that played a role.

        Heh. I just looked at her Wiki page. Every single singer/band she has worked with or opened for is a band I don’t like. I think I’m going to fall back on “I just don’t like that kind of music.” Too bad — I wish I did! The Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver fans who give me shit for not liking either one would sure love it if I had a change of heart … 😉

  2. Shahim Ali says:

    I’ve been skipping coachella since 2004 for feaxchella. This year I went to sleigh bells warfield, radiohead at hp, justice/ rapture at te fox, refused/ hives warfield, ASAP rocky mezz. washed out at mezz, Jeff magnum at gamh, Bon iver at civic. Plus more that I can’t remember off the top of my head.

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