May Around the World


Sipping summer on the banks of the Spree.

Once again I went MIA on this blog, but in all fairness I spent the bulk of my May traveling.


30 mile pre-wedding bike ride.

First, I headed to Sonoma for the American version of Ritu & Darian’s wedding (the one I went to India for in February). It was a beautiful affair at the Geyserville Inn & Trentadue Winery (just watch your cake at the latter), and I even managed to squeeze in a gorgeous 30-mile bike trek through wine country with the Brintons beforehand. Definitely check out biking on Dry Creek Road if you’re in that part of the world. I also recommend renting from Wine Country Bikes (despite their unfortunate use of Comic Sans) and post-race refreshments at Oakville Grocery.


Berlin Wall Memorial. Although I got a later tour of the “real” part of the wall still up.

Next, it was off to Berlin for work. I attended the “mother” conference – TYPO Berlin and did some blogging for them. I also worked a little from our Berlin office as well. Of course, I managed to squeeze in a Tanlines show at a tiny club, explore the insane awesomeness that is Tempelhofer Park and have some memorable evenings out in the city.


Heading to the Blue Cave from Komiza.

After Berlin (although I did have a magic 13 hour layover on my way back to the states), I took a side trip for much needed R&R to Croatia. Why Croatia? Because I’d never heard anyone say anything bad about it. I can attest to this. I arrived in Split with no plans and one night booked at the very pleasant Tchaikovsky Hostel. My plan, which worked brilliantly, was to then go to the docks in the morning and board the first ferry leaving that would have a return by noon on Saturday. This “Choose Your Own Adventure” style on travel put me on a boat to Vis, the most mysterious island in all of Dalmatia.

The Yugoslavian military base for 50 years, Vis only recently opened to tourists and features war games installations like SUBMARINE CAVES and whispers of land mines. There are only two towns on the island, and a quick reading of Lonely Planet’s description of the more remote one, which boasted “fishing stories and pirate tales” made Komiža an easy choice. I need to post more about the fairyland-by-sea experience, but in short – I could not be happier I landed there. Stay tuned (hopefully) for a future description of my amazing evening at Roki’s Vineyard (one of the top foodie experiences of my life).


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