Supporting San Francisco: Forage Kitchen

From Forage Kitchen Website

Continuing the Supporting SF series before its too late for you to join me (and almost 1,100 others around the city and globe) in helping build a community-minded foodie’s dream kitchen.

That’s right, today I’m talking about Forage Kitchen, which as of this posting has $30k and 36 hours left in its Kickstarter Campaign.

Once upon a time, in Wisconsin, I wrote a lot about food making. Right before I left, I happily joined #mkefoodies spearheaded by the incredibly talented and inspiring Burp! Blog folks. It was wonderful to join others at superb local restaurants and chat about using local ingredients (a lot harder post-harvest in WI), preserving, and of course artisan cheese. It was lovely to have an outlet to geek out about places like Growing Power and nerd it up about taking pickling classes at the Urban Ecology Center. Though not a professional cook, nor an aspiring one, it was a special thing to be part of a food community.

Moving to San Francisco has exposed me to a diverse year-round food mecca, but like leaving a lake for an ocean, it’s sometimes a little difficult to find my bearings. Sure my besties and I occasionally hit up special dinners (like tonight’s vegan wine dinner at Millennium), but finding someone to go indulge prior to the foie gras ban? I don’t even know where to ask. Then there’s of course keeping track of the pop ups and underground markets (New Taste & Forage), sometimes getting things you could make yourself if you only had a bigger kitchen.

Making is definitely more of a challenge than eating. I just finished a super-informative cooking class on Unsung Vegetables at 18 Reasons, a place we’re I’ve met a few other foodnuts. I loved the energy of learning from other people with varying skill levels in the kitchen and hearing their tips and tricks. I also loved having access to equipment. Ogling blenders, large pots, sterilizers (I really miss preserving!), chinois, food mills, Vitamixes, solidified my commitment to supporting the Forage Kitchen.

Imagine! I can join a food community, learn from really talented people (and taste their products), and try out equipment that either I can’t afford or that won’t fit in my tiny city kitchen. Oh, and there’s also a rooftop garden and brewpub. No more wistfully staring at cherries, berries and citrus. I can once again have access to what I need to brandy ’em, jam ’em or can ’em.

Well, that is if this Kickstarter happens.

As with a lot of stuff in San Francisco, this will create  a replicable model for food/community incubators. Even if you don’t live here, consider chipping in $10, $20 (or a higher level so you get a box of goodies sent to you) and one day something like this could come to your town.

Since I certainly see myself taking advantage of such a center, I’ll even up the ante. If you comment on this blog (or tweet/facebook me) that this post convinced you to donate (I’ll double check), I’ll send you a jar of something I preserve (jam, pickles, something I’ll learn from a fabulous foodie) once the Forage Kitchen is up and running. If you’re already backing and increase your donation because you somehow found this blog, same goes for you. This is a win-win, since it can help this project happen AND it will guarantee that I use it.

So go forth, KICKSTART, and help the food community create something amazing.


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