32 by 33: Summer’s Over

Last week marked 18 months living in San Francisco. I’m definitely in a phase where blogging has fallen by the wayside, as I ramp up my community involvement and nourish new friendships. I also spent two weeks of August in my former state of Wisconsin. That said, I still move through my day-to-day with my yearly goals in mind. Links are lacking at the bottom of the post, but really just wanted to get this out. So where am I at?

July 11-September 10:

  1. Pay off one source of outstanding debt 
    Completed in May
  2. Coordinate one outing a month in a different San Francisco or Oakland neighborhood.
    Explored Dogpatch on my own during Sunday Streets in late-July. Hit up Rickshaw Bagworks, Recchuiti’s new Chocolate Lab, Kitchenette for lunch, and scoped the gallery space at  The Workshop Residence. I also did a little exploring at lunch in Hayes Valley, gift shopping at Fiddlesticks and RAG (my new fave store for SF goodies), and noshing at DragonEats and Hayes Valley Bakeworks. August was a bit of a stretch, though I did get to Oakland twice over Labor Day weekend, hitting up an A’s game and grabbing coffee with friends at Powderface Cafe (OMBeignet!) at Fruitvale BART.
  3. Visit one of my five remaining states (Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Alaska)
    In progress.
  4. Read one book per month.
    Quickly read Dave Eggers’ newest, Hologram for a King and plowed my way through a reissue of Sheila Heti’s The Middle Stories.
  5. Curate and share one playlist per month on Spotify.
    Been keeping steady with my Best of Tracks for July & August. I also made a playlist for a work event based on the 100 Best Typefaces list. I’m pretty proud of it.
  6.  Write one min. 1,000 word creative piece per month (essay or fiction).
  7. Interact with a stranger every day. Try and update My Stranger Project.
    I found myself helping tourists a lot this summer, but again, this has proven really untrackable.
  8. Discover and share something new every week.
    Apart from Twitter/Facebook posts, not an easily trackable goal either.
  9. Attend one concert per month.
    TWO in Milwaukee: Mucca Pazza at Brady Street Festival and a raucous and intimate Glossary show at Frank’s Power Plant. The following month I squeezed in a concert to get one on the books and ended up seeing a TERRIBLE one. Don’t see John Maus. Just don’t. It’s not “art,” it’s crap.
  10. Do yoga once a week.
    Continuing to rock it at both Yoga Garden and Hanuman Center. 7/11: Vinyasa, 7/13: Vinyasa, 7/16: Restorative, 7/18: Vinyasa, 7/20: Vinyasa, 7/22: Yin, 7/23: Hatha, 7/25: Vinyasa 8/13: Vinyasa, 8/14: Vinyasa, 8/15: Vinyasa, 8/17: Vinyasa, 8/18: Vinyasa, 8/19: Hatha, 8/20: Vinyasa, 8/22: Vinyasa, 8/26: Yin, 8/27: Vinyasa, 8/31: Vinyasa, 9/6: Yin.
  11. Cook something once a week.
    Again, not so great on this front. Did whip up a tasty eggplant and mushroom concoction in July. Had a total disaster with broccoli soup (don’t let the bottom fall off your blender when you’re transporting hot soup in bare feet) in August. Used LOTS of zucchini in August. Started another Unsung veggies cooking class on 9/10.
  12. Go out to a bar/restaurant by myself once per month.
    Actually not sure if I did in July/August, except to work from Alterra when I was in Milwaukee. I made a couple of stops at 500 Club and Toronado in August/September after long treks across town.
  13. Try a new beer once per week (resurrect Beer Broads).
    Bad at tracking (and I know I tried sooo many new ones in Wisconsin), but here’s a small sampling: 7/24: PacBrew Hibiscus Saison & Squid Ink IPA 8/17: Speakeasy Red Scarlett & White Lightning, 8/18: Alaskan Birch Bock
  14. Use my road bike once per month.
    Only once, on Labor Day, but an epic ride with the Brintons to do Paradise Loop. That said, I did lots of smaller memorable bike rides. In Northern Wisconsin for a wedding, I borrowed a bike from the bride’s parents and peddled with Emily around a couple lakes (even stopped for a wade). I had an insane day on 8/17 when I biked the Angel Island Loop with my coworkers, biked back to the Haight from Sausalito, THEN joined up with the SF Bike Coalition for a Love Your Lanes ride to Speakeasy Brewery. I also met my roommates that Sunday to ride them back over the Golden Gate Bridge for the last 6 miles of their journey from Portland to SF!
  15. Try a new hike once per month.
    Terrible at getting a real hike in during the July timeframe, but made up for it last month with Angel Island, SCA Trail to Rodeo Valley Trail in the Marin Headlands, Bodega Head AND Muir Woods (Hillside Trail).
  16. Spend the night in six other California cities/towns.
    Added Petaluma in late July and Sea Ranch right before the September deadline. Only one to go! Sleepover in Oakland?
  17. Achieve something major professionally.
    Previously completed.
  18. Go to an 18 reasons event once per month.
    The Farm Series (TOUR!): Mid-Summer Sweetness (7/21), PacBrew Dinner (7/24), Dandelion & Beer (7/25) The Farm Series (TOUR): Late Summer Harvest (8/25), Unsung Veggies: Kohlrabi & Figs (9/10)
  19. Have a new Totally Not For Mom story once a month (feel free to request password if you are not related to me).
    Um, yeah. Although in truth, my mojo has been missing most of the last couple months.
  20. Make a new San Francisco/Bay Area friend a month.
    Bonded with my Team Challenge teammates at Napa to Sonoma, made friends at weddings and birthday parties too! Yay!
  21. Volunteer for something new each month.
    Wrapped up my commitment as a mentor for Team Challenge in July. In August I handed out surveys for Bikes on BART.
  22. Use my digital camera at least once a week.
    Still not weekly, but took to farm tours, Angel Island, hikes and Sea Ranch.
  23. Go to an art event, film screening or lecture at least once per month.
    This I’ve been great at. In July I hit up Divis Art Walk (complete with power outage!), SF Silent Film (The Wonderful Lie of Nina Petrovna),  saw Todd Solondz intro a screening of Dark Horse and even made it to Gallery Night in Milwaukee. August was just as busy with FontShop Gallery Opening (8/16), an SFFS member’s screening of Robot & Frank (8/20), some talks at TedXMission (8/23), and finally seeing Shut Up & Play the Hits at the Roxie (8/25).
  24. Go out for a “foodie” meal at least once a month.
    Milwaukee proved tasty and I hit up La Merenda while there with my filter girls. Returned to Millennium again in August with Mary Ann and a visiting Courtney for their annual heirloom tomato dinner.
  25. Kiss a South American. (This has been an unofficial goal for several years, as it’s my last remaining inhabited continent. I figure by making it official maybe I’ll be more motivated.)
    No progress.
  26. Be the kind of person you don’t meet everyday, every day. (Thanks Derek for this one!)
    Repeat: I’m trying! (But hoorah for abstract goals).
  27. Walk down a new street in SF each month. (Thanks Mary Ann!)
    Really failed at noting this.
  28. Learn who each of the San Francisco supervisors are and who/where they represent. (Thanks Jodi!)
    Learning candidates for District 5 as election season heats up, but need to do this still.
  29. Pamper myself with a massage, facial or mani/pedi once a month. (Thanks again Jodi!)
    Mediocre post-race sports massage, a facial and mani/pedi in July, guess that can cover August too.
  30. Befriend someone over 60. (Thanks Sadie!)
    Achieved in February, but also caught up with my favorite over 60 activist, the incomparable Bill Sell while in Milwaukee.
  31. Buy something for a stranger once a quarter. (Thanks Dave P!)
    Covered concessions for a woman at the Castro Theatre who didn’t realize it was cash only!
  32. Send a letter or card to a different person once a week.
    Did a great job in July, but slacked in August. Need to step it back up!

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