This is a typical Meghan weekend


This was my first weekend since August that I was either in town or sans guests, so of course I took advantage of the time to clean my room or write or something otherwise productive.

Yeah right.

No, I somehow managed to cram most every second with activity (not including the epic nap I took Saturday afternoon).

Friday night I attended a screening of Food Stamped at 18 Reasons, followed by a conversation with a director at CalFresh, the local SNAP office. Although California, and San Francisco in particular, are ahead in the curve with integrating both new technology and healthy eating trends into the traditional food stamp programs, there’s still so much broken with the overall system. Again, the food lobby strikes big. Great that they have a “restaurant assistance program”  for people without access to kitchens, but gross that it’s pretty much only available at places like Burger King. It’s disappointing that policies contradict each other so much in this country. True healthcare reform would of course look at what we’re eating. Le sigh.

Following this event, I biked over to the Japantown to meet Mary Ann and Dustin for a drink before we all went to The Master at the Kabuki. Alas, I was unable to join them at Dosa (too packed), so I enjoyed a glass of wine at The Social Study, a great spot if you want to sip on something solo.

Long story short, I need to see The Master again, as I suppose is the case with most PTA films (especially those you see at 10 PM after starting your day with 7 AM yoga). Until I do that, I’ll keep my opinion from fully forming. I can say that Amy Adams scared the crap out of me.

Despite a late night Friday, I rallied to be up in time for the bike parade at Tour de Fat on Saturday morning. So glad I did! My roommate Omar and I rocked some obnoxious outfits and rode over in time to be at the front of the parade (we later hung pack so we could feel like we were in a parade). The weather could not have been better for a solid hour of meandering to Ocean Beach and all around Golden Gate Park. We ended up riding along a dude blaring some awesome brass jazz. A great morning!

Back to the festival, we grabbed beers (well, after we got beer tokens)and Rosamunde sausage (no need for sausage tokens…teehee), watched the insanity of the Whiskey Drome Cycles, some weird unfunny paddleball show, and a shockingly amazing/entertaining Yo Yo Show. Ran into a few bike-y friends and had an all-around fantastic early afternoon.

*Insert epic nap*

Finally woke up and coordinated with MAB to head over to Oakland (in our science inspired outfits – MAB in Star Trek, me in safari) for The Mishap Science Fair our friends produced. Was definitely a little hungry, so swung by the Eat Real Festival at Jack London Square first. It was the end of the night for them, so lines were short, but sadly so were our options. After walking around a bit (and having a tasty, crisp mint mojito soda from Taylor’s Tonics), we headed back to the first booth that caught our eye, Soul Cocina with Luke’s Local, for their Bombay-style puri. I could’ve used three more sodas after opting for extra serrano peppers…spicy and delicious.

Satiated, we hiked back up Broadway to a hidden spot on 14th called Geoffrey’s Inner Circle. I love Oakland for spots like this (that could also exist in Milwaukee or any other underrated city). Gorgeous art deco lounge/art/club/bar/science fair space. We hung out and checked out the experiments, art pieces and caught up with friends. A fun, chill evening. Oh, but remember that nap? When it was time to head back via BART I decided we should meet some friends out in The Mission before going home. Still really chill, but a few more beers and hours added onto the day than I probably needed.

Sunday was then my day of rest, right?

Nope. Woke up pre-alarm (ugh) on Sunday morning. No energy to go for a run (like I should’ve), but did productively read a few chapters in Into the Wild (yes, I know, welcome to 1996 or 2007, but I’m reading it for a new book club I’m joining) before having to motivate myself into the world. Biked down to mid-market to meet Mary Ann and Marley for Farmer Brown‘s soul food brunch buffet. Yes, it’s worth it (and we advise splitting the carafe of mimosas versus doing bottomless).

After stuffing ourselves, it was time to head to SFMOMA for the Cindy Sherman exhibit. We’d planned this while at Marley’s Portland wedding reception, not knowing that we picked FREE day at the museum. A really nice surprise to go along with an exhibit I would’ve paid full-price to see. Highly recommend going if you like portraiture, fashion or transformative makeup. We wrapped up our morning at Blue Bottle in the sculpture garden. Was lovely to catch up out of the context of wedding madness or rushing from work. I’m so lucky to have wonderful friends I’ve known for so long (1994!).

I guess I wasn’t shocked enough by Cindy Sherman (or maybe just wanted to push my limits more), so I biked over to (NSFW – seriously don’t click unless you can handle fetish stuff) Folsom Street Fair because I felt I needed to experience it. I supposed I’d go back with a group of people, but solo it was a surreal experience. I really can say I’ve seen it ALL now. Yep.

I *was* going to chill next or maybe get in that run, but arriving back to the apartment, Omar twisted my arm to go get lunch and a Bloody Mary at Martin Mack’s. I had just minimal after to bike over to the Film Society Cinema to volunteer for the Hong Kong Cinema mini fest. It was a pretty easy gig, clearing the theater and taking tickets. And as a bonus I saw two more movies, a new, cheestastic melodrama/romantic comedy Romancing in Thin Air (I can only watch these types of films if they’re foreign) and the 1998 crime thriller The Longest Nite (which had to have some influence on Drive, I’ve decided). As always with festivals, chatted with great people and got lots of film recs.

Yes, I did pretty much pass out when I got home last night!


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