The Rest of September…

Plenty has happened since my last post, it’s actually hard to believe it was just a couple of weeks ago.

I filled in the rest of that week with a crazy schedule. Monday night found me at cooking class on sunchokes and celeriac at 18 Reasons. Tuesday consisted of a triple-bill night of SF Party Nails pop up at Shotwell’sThe Rise and Fall of the Clash  (not as good as, but an interesting complement to Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten) at the Roxie, and a stellar Django Django art-rock show at The Independent. I took it “easy” on Wednesday with a Haight Street friend date with Mary Ann and our new friend Sarah who we met at Marley’s wedding. Thanks to Scoutmob, we indulged on a Victorian Punch Bowl at Hobson’s Choice, then Sarah and I headed to Club Deluxe for my fave pizza in the city (which luckily is close to my house). I actually did take it legitimately easy on a foggy Thursday, opting to stay in and read the new David Byrne book, How Music Works. And pack. Why?

20121008-220017.jpgBecause the next afternoon I went straight from work to the airport to fly to Seattle where my family picked me up so we could drive to Milton and surprise my grandma who was turning 80 the next week. Grandma definitely ended up surprised, but turned out she was more excited that Kevin and I were going to take her to the farmer’s market the next morning. Because Grandma isn’t one for early starts, I had time to go for a run in the a.m. while she and my brother got ready. She let me know about a new trail built near her house and I set off to find it. Milton is a pretty small town, so I assumed the trail wouldn’t be that long when I started following it to “the end.” I finally popped out three miles later near the freeway and looped back for a six miler!

Once all of us were showered and dressed, we loaded into the car and hit up the Puyallup Farmer’s Market, stocking up Grandma with veggies and flowers. Next we treated her to lunch at Sorci’s, her favorite cute little cafe in Sumner. We ended the day at the Federal Way Farmer’s Market, which she’d been wanting to check out. Ew. Glad we’d not missed Puyallup for this. Whereas the former is adorably set in a Main Street Town Square, the latter is in a mall parking lot. I’m all for bringing access to fresh food to areas that may not have it, but if you’re equidistant and making the drive, pick the cute one. After resetting back at the house and meeting up with my parents, we headed down to the waterfront in Tacoma, where Dad kindly took his Mom (and all of us) to The Lobster Shop. We dined and drank well with the harvest moon rising over the Puget Sound and Mt. Rainer fading to the east. A lovely celebration of one of my favorite people on the planet.

Kevin, Grandma and I stayed up very late chatting, despite my getting picked up for the airport at 9. I got to SeaTac too early, was violated by TSA (apparently they needed to give me a pat-down because I was wearing a skirt..wth?), and “enjoyed” an hour and a half flight delay. Grr. Finally boarded and slept through another 45 minutes of runway sitting, but luckily woke up in time to enjoy a clear view of every mountain in the Cascade Range, the Northern California Coast and a majestic descent into San Francisco. Indian Summer had indeed arrived and I had *just* enough time after transiting home to head to the Presidio for a 90 minute loop of the Bay Area Ridge Trail to the Mountain Lake Trail, then ended up walking back to the Haight up 5th Avenue to Fulton (yes, my legs did hurt later). Plans for the evening fell through, but ended up having a blast with my roommate and her visiting friend, rounding out September on a great note.

How did I kick off the first week in October? Stay tuned.


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