32 by 33: Post-Travel Edition

Since my last update on my yearly goals, I’ve traveled to Oregon, Washington, Mississippi, the UK and Vietnam. Please forgive me for the lack of posting!

But, since I don’t want to hit three months of updating, here’s my autumnal progress on the good ol’ 32 by 33.

September 11-November 10:

  1. Pay off one source of outstanding debt 
    Completed in May
  2. Coordinate one outing a month in a different San Francisco or Oakland neighborhood.
    Had another outing to downtown Oakland, hitting the Eat Real Festival and an adult science fair. Enjoyed a Midmarket brunch outing to Farmer Brown and the Cindy Sherman exhibit at SFMOMA as well. Definitely branched out of the normal rotation with a FiDi Happy Hour with my Team Challenge mentor gang, hitting up Local Edition & Murphy’s (?) Pub for some suited-up cocktails.
  3. Visit one of my five remaining states (Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Alaska)
    Barely (thanks United), but successfully made it to Mississippi in October for one of the most unique weekends ever with stellar folks.
  4. Read one book per month.
    Joined a book club (nerd!) and read Into the Wild by Jon Krakaeuer and Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh for it. Also tackled Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach (LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! — recommend for John Irving fans) and Emmaus by Alessandro Baricco.
  5. Curate and share one playlist per month on Spotify.
    Still creating my monthly lists. Also made a great mix called Oh Happy Day for after the election.
  6.  Write one min. 1,000 word creative piece per month (essay or fiction).
    Actually started writing (not sure the word count) a great story on the train in the UK, but that’s about all.
  7. Interact with a stranger every day. Try and update My Stranger Project.
    Untrackable in current form.
  8. Discover and share something new every week.
    Untrackable in current form.
  9. Attend one concert per month.
    I started a post called ROCKTOBER to help explain my MIAness, but here goes the shows in rough form that I saw in the last couple of months: 9/25: Django Django | 10/4: Niki & The Dove | 10/5: Elvis Costello (HSB) | 10/6: Roger Knox and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts, Dirty Three, Dave Alvin & the Guilty Ones, Cowboy Junkies, Head & The Heart (HSB) | 10/7: Nick Lowe, Patti Smith, Emmylou Harris (HSB) 10/13 (TIMF): TYCHO, The Presets | 10/14 (TIMF): Youth Lagoon, The XX, Gossip, M83, Divine Fits, Los Campesinos!, Ty Segall | 10/15: St. Vincent & David Byrne | 10/17: Dirty Projectors (London) | 10/18: Hot Chip (London) | 10/26 (Wigginstock): Blue Mountain, Duquette Johnson | 10/27 (Wigginstock): Flint Hill Specials, Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil, Lauderdale, The Pollies, District Attorneys Glossary, Centro-Matic
  10. Do yoga once a week.
    My practice at Yoga Garden is one I hope to continue into next year. Sadly Hanuman Center closed. 9/12: Vinyasa, 9/14: Vinyasa, 9/18: Sunrise Vinyasa, 9/19: Vinyasa, 9/21: Vinyasa, 9/26: Vinyasa, 10/1: Vinyasa 10/10: Vinyasa, 10/12: Vinyasa, 10/15: Vinyasa, 10/24: Vinyasa, 10/29: Restorative, 10/31: Vinyasa, 11/2: Vinyasa, 11/3: Hatha, 11/5: Vinyasa, 11/7: Vinyasa
  11. Cook something once a week.
    Continued with the Unsung veggies cooking class at 18 Reasons, but really failed to do much at home, especially with the traveling. I did make a couple of fall creations in October. I love playing with squash and brussels sprouts. Mmm.
  12. Go out to a bar/restaurant by myself once per month.
    An awkward stop into Zeitgeist for a biking event happened in September and in October my travels landed me in a couple of English pubs by my lonesome.
  13. Try a new beer once per week (resurrect Beer Broads).
    Started using the Untappd app and it’s changed my tracking life. No Beer Broads, but a much more accurate picture. I am actually going to give up beer for December to help kickstart a weight loss goal, but I think I’ll have covered 52 new beers for the year, so that should count 🙂 Two months o’ brews: Deschutes Twilight, Strong Man; Widmer IPA; New Belgium Red Hoptober & Peach Lips, California Sunshine Rye IPA (Devil’s Canyon Brewing) Camden Ink (Camden Town Brewery), Doombar (Sharps Brewery), Alton’s Pride, Red Fox, Jockamo IPA (Abita), Southern Pecan/Reb Ale/Indian Summer/Southern Gold (Lazy Magnolia), Truck Stop Honey Brown Ale (Back Forty Beer Company), Jai Alai IPA (Cigar City Brewing), Autumn Maple (The Bruery), Mendo Mello (Anderson Valley), Organic Gingerbread Ale (Bison Brewing)
  14. Use my road bike once per month.
    Biking failures. I did ride my old cruiser across the West Hills in Portland though (WTF?) and also did the Tour de Fat Parade in September. NO time for any sort of non-commuter biking in October.
  15. Try a new hike once per month.
    I’ve gotten HOOKED on hiking and have taken to adding it to my travels as well as my weekends. I’ve done these in the last couple of months Lower MacCleay Park to Pittock Mansion (Portland), Presidio Mountain Lake Trail (SF), Alton to Chawton (UK), Tuxachanie Hiking Trail (MS), Tourist Loop (Marin)
  16. Spend the night in six other California cities/towns.
    Still hung up on adding my last one. Where should I go before January 10?
  17. Achieve something major professionally.
    Previously completed.
  18. Go to an 18 reasons event once per month.
    This is another one of my favorite goals this year. I’ll definitely keep it going into 2013. Dinner Conversation: Bi-Rite Family Farm (9/12), Food Stamped Screening (9/21), Unsung Veggies (9/24) The Ranch Series (MORE TOUR!): BN Ranch & Devil’s Gulch (10/13)
  19. Have a new Totally Not For Mom story once a month (feel free to request password if you are not related to me).
    Failure at updating this other blog (sorry girls), but a couple zingers in there.
  20. Make a new San Francisco/Bay Area friend a month.
    Been loving this goal too. Met some awesome people through 18 Reasons, weddings, my book club, concerts…just keep following up with people I meet too, still building those new friendships!
  21. Volunteer for something new each month.
    Been doing quite a bit here too! Volunteered for SFFS at Hong Kong Cinema, helped people sort compost and recyclables at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, made Obama calls at OFA, and assumed presidency of the MU Alumni Club.
  22. Use my digital camera at least once a week.
    Still not weekly, but getting it out more as I head outdoors and on trips.
  23. Go to an art event, film screening or lecture at least once per month.
    I did join the Roxie, so have been to quite a few film screenings there. Additionally, “Food Stamped” screening & conversation (9/21) and  Insites the Book party in London and the PUBLIC Bike poster opening in SF.
  24. Go out for a “foodie” meal at least once a month.
    In Portland we went to Clarklewis (9/15), then in SF Farmer Brown Brunch (9/23) and finally a Forage SF dinner (10/11).
  25. Kiss a South American. (This has been an unofficial goal for several years, as it’s my last remaining inhabited continent. I figure by making it official maybe I’ll be more motivated.)
    No progress.
  26. Be the kind of person you don’t meet everyday, every day. 
    Repeat: I’m trying! (But hoorah for abstract goals).
  27. Walk down a new street in SF each month. 
    I notably walked from the Presidio to GGP on 5th Avenue in the Richmond (yay), but can’t recall a street in October.
  28. Learn who each of the San Francisco supervisors are and who/where they represent.
    I did go to a District 5 candidate debate, but now that the election is over, need to learn the new supes before this goal expires.
  29. Pamper myself with a massage, facial or mani/pedi once a month. 
    Squeezed in a few pampers. Massage (10/1), mani/pedi (10/10) and a brow tint & wax (11/10)
  30. Befriend someone over 60. 
  31. Buy something for a stranger once a quarter.
    I bought a sandwich for a homeless kid, as I always appreciate when they ask for food instead of money.
  32. Send a letter or card to a different person once a week.
    I stopped tracking, but I did send some random care packages. I need to repurpose this goal next year — maybe monthly.

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