32 by 33: One Month Left

Hard to believe that I’ve only got one month left of 32 by 33. Already brainstorming for 33 by 34…if you have ideas leave them in comments.

Clearly I’m not going to make all of these goals and I’m okay with that. I just really love having a list of motivating factors to drive how I spend my year.

November 11-December 10:

  1. Pay off one source of outstanding debt  Completed in May
  2. Coordinate one outing a month in a different San Francisco or Oakland neighborhood. Pretty big fail on this. I blame travel, jetlag and rain. And myself, of course.
  3. Visit one of my five remaining states (Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Alaska) Completed in October.
  4. Read one book per month. Reread A Wrinkle in Time. Still so great.
  5. Curate and share one playlist per month on Spotify. Monthly lists and of course, celebrating the holidays.
  6.  Write one min. 1,000 word creative piece per month (essay or fiction). This is going to have to be revisited in a digestible form next year. Someone suggested setting aside “writing time” each week. May have to try that.
  7. Interact with a stranger every day. Try and update My Stranger Project. Untrackable in current form.
  8. Discover and share something new every week. Untrackable in current form.
  9. Attend one concert per month. 11/12: Japandroids | 11/14: Future of the Left | 12/8: Annie Bacon’s Folk Opera, 8 Belles
  10. Do yoga once a week. My practice at Yoga Garden continues despite an reinjured knee. 11/11: Restorative, 11/14: Vinyasa, 11/16: Vinyasa, 11/26: Restorative, 12/3: Vinyasa, 12/5: Vinyasa, 12/7: Vinyasa, 12/10: Restorative.
  11. Cook something once a week. Getting dark early has renewed my efforts to cook at home. Some of my recent creations: Roasted squash, roasted broccolini, Celeriac Soup, Faux pho
  12. Go out to a bar/restaurant by myself once per month. Nothing like drinking at the airport bar 🙂
  13. Try a new beer once per week (resurrect Beer Broads). Suspended due to my weight loss efforts (although I may have to have a couple brews when in PDX for the holidays). Went out with a bang, trying Brother David’s Triple Abbey Style Ale (Anderson Valley), Organic IPA (Napa Smith), Indica IPA (Lost Coast), Supplication (Russian River), Brewtality (Midnight Sun), Cellar Door (Stillwater Artisanal Ales), Stone Levitation (Stone), Nut Brown Ale (AleSmith), 75 Minute IPA (Dogfish Head), New Dogtown Pale Ale (Lagunitas).
  14. Use my road bike once per month. Didn’t use my road bike proper, but did some great riding while in Vietnam both in Ninh Binh province (go Team Hardcore!) and Hoi An.
  15. Try a new hike once per month. My friend Sunny and I tackled the Back Canyon Loop at Mt. Diablo in mid-November and Jason and I went on a legendary hike through the jungle at Cuc Phong National Park in Vietnam.
  16. Spend the night in six other California cities/towns. Still hung up on adding my last one. Where should I go before January 10?
  17. Achieve something major professionally. Previously completed.
  18. Go to an 18 reasons event once per month. Super jetlagged, I made it to the It’s Not You, It’s Brie cheese and beer pairing on November 27.
  19. Have a new Totally Not For Mom story once a month (feel free to request password if you are not related to me). Again, failed to update, but rest assured I haven’t slacked.
  20. Make a new San Francisco/Bay Area friend a month. I met some cool people last month, but I have to say I’ve really been cultivating existing friendships more.
  21. Volunteer for something new each month. SFFS’s New Italian Cinema and SFBC’s Winterfest.
  22. Use my digital camera at least once a week. Going to revise this to once a month next year, but certainly got great pics in Vietnam!
  23. Go to an art event, film screening or lecture at least once per month. Winterfest included an art auction and I also went to the Shogun Players production of Woyczek at the Ashby Stage.
  24. Go out for a “foodie” meal at least once a month. You can count my whole Vietnam trip for this one. Jason even arranged a formal Street Food Tour for us!
  25. Kiss a South American. (This has been an unofficial goal for several years, as it’s my last remaining inhabited continent. I figure by making it official maybe I’ll be more motivated.) No progress. Some buddies of mine are going to Brazil for NYE and half invited me along, I don’t think this goal is worth $2k though.
  26. Be the kind of person you don’t meet everyday, every day.  Repeat: I’m trying! (But hoorah for abstract goals).
  27. Walk down a new street in SF each month.  Likely failed at this.
  28. Learn who each of the San Francisco supervisors are and who/where they represent. It’s post-election. I need to get on it.
  29. Pamper myself with a massage, facial or mani/pedi once a month.  $35 for a four hour spa treatment in Hoi An, BAM! Plus it includes the awkward story of how my platonic friend Jason and I almost got a couples massage.
  30. Befriend someone over 60.  Achieved.
  31. Buy something for a stranger once a quarter. Completed.
  32. Send a letter or card to a different person once a week. Again, will revise for monthly next year…a very good friend is having a baby though, so those monthly packages may come from Auntie Meghan.

About Meghan A.

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