Meghan Music: Top 10 Albums of 2012

Niki & The Dove at Rickshaw Stop in October.

Niki & The Dove at Rickshaw Stop in October.

I’m committing to this, although I’ll certainly probably wish I’d heard something more or sooner or whatever in the coming days. One of my main problems this year was the inundation of great music of all genres this year (I loved shit from punk to hip-hop to country-tinged to R&B to folk) made it really hard to narrow it down to a top ten. I also didn’t have a clear frontrunner or two this year battling it out the same way Tune-Yards & St. Vincent did last year, but perhaps my joining a fantastic online community of fellow music nerds (thanks Craig & Brooke) toward the end of 2011 meant I expanded other music into my repertoire. Anyway, this list is random for certain, and I can bet that there’s stuff on here not making ANYONE else’s top ten. That said, please be kind and check out some of the great lesser-known folks if you get a chance.

10. Goat – World Music
This album is weird and wonderful and by an elusive Scandinavian metal band. I couldn’t stop listening to it. And both The Very Best (world music) and Baroness (metal) probably got bumped because I just love this damn thing so much and how it combines the two genres.

Here’s my mainstream indie pick. I wanted to bump it, but man, this is one of those inaccessible indie bands that I just fucking love. Yes they’re critical darlings, yes they sound totally assaultive sometimes, but damn that guitar and those vocal harmonies. Saw them in London too. Great live.

8. Dan Deacon – America
Generally I don’t have an instrumental/electronic in my top 10, but this album as an ALBUM is just solid. I guess it was supposed to just be one full electronic symphony but got chopped up into tracks. It’s gorgeous.

Here’s my indie dance pick for the year. She’s so bizarre and Kate Bush-y though, with a serious backbeat. Also a great live band if you want a huge colorful dance party.

6. Alabama Shakes – Boys & Girls
I am so excited to see where this band is gonna go. It’s a solid album, but I think/hope as they mature they’re just gonna get better (please please please don’t let them fade).

I’m no Fiona fangirl by any means, but hot damn, this album is just incredible from start to finish. The closing track, “Hot Knife” just gives me chills.

4. Future of the Left – the plot against common sense
Probably my most played album of the year. I literally couldn’t stop listening to it when it hit my radar. SO ANGRY. SO ROCKING.

I’m so sad this album didn’t end up on anybody’s radar because it’s just so beautiful. It’s what I wanted the Bat for Lashes album to be, so I’m glad I got it from someone obscure.

It’s the Boys and Girls in America of 2012. Enough said.

Definitely my most “on repeat” album this year (no, I don’t have stats to back that up). It’s so fun, they were AMAZING live, and yes, I’m a huge Beta Band fan, so this filled the void for me. (Also, I have not seen Django Unchained yet and yes, it would be weird if that ends up being my favorite movie).

All albums compiled here: 2012 Top 10 Albums

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