33 by 34

After years of waiting, I finally celebrated a weekend birthday this year. With plenty of time to reflect, I’ve not only wrapped up my 32 by 33, but I’m ready to present the agenda for next year: The 33 by 34. Some of these are carried over from last year (many a bit finessed), some from previous years, and some brand new. So, without further ado:

  1. Pay off one source of outstanding debt.
  2. Do yoga twice a week.
  3. Visit one of my four remaining states (Arkansas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Alaska).
  4. Publish one blog post per week.
  5. Devote one-on-one time to a different friend each week, either in person or by phone/long email thread.
  6. Eat a sit-down meal of one different type of ethnic cuisine each month (burritos & sushi to go don’t count!)
  7. Go to an 18 reasons event once per month.
  8. Read one San Francisco-set/authored book per month.
  9. Send a letter or card to a different person once a month.
  10. Try a new hike once per month.
  11. Use my digital camera once a month.
  12.    See a different Bay Area band in concert each month.
  13. Get a massage once a month.
  14. Watch an SF-set movie once a month.
  15. See a different visual arts exhibition each month.
  16. Do a San Francisco stairway or city walk each month.
  17. Participate in one community fitness event (5k, bike ride, etc.) each month.
  18. Touch the ocean at least once per month.
  19. Bike somewhere new once a month.
  20. Plan six SF outings, one in each of the following neighborhoods: Inner & Outer Sunset/Richmond, Bernal Heights, Glen Park.
  21. Use each of my SF organizational memberships at least once per quarter.
  22. See two movies at The Roxie each month.
  23. Go to at least four performing arts events.
  24. Attend one live game of each professional sports team in the area (Giants, As, 49ers, Raiders, Warriors, Sharks)
  25. Do at least four things I previously said I’d never do.
  26. Learn each of the San Francisco supervisors and their districts.
  27. Schedule 1 hour per week to work on writing projects.
  28. Go to Yosemite.
  29. Run at least 500 miles.
  30. Do a one week cleanse (no coffee, alcohol or processed foods).
  31. Travel to a new continent (Africa, Oceania, South America).
  32. Participate in a homebrew batch.
  33. Relearn six words in Spanish each month.

About Meghan A.

creative & professional creative professional | communications, content & community | nasty woman | adventurer & inspiration seeker | bicyclist & feminist | walk san francisco board | current: Adobe Typekit Product Marketing Manager, former: TYPO SF magic maker
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5 Responses to 33 by 34

  1. Maggie J says:

    I love this. You have great challenges for yourself. I especially like #5. I have a tough time focusing 1 on 1 attention on friends. I can only imagine what its like with your social calendar and Rolodex. Hope I get to visit and be one of those people!

    • Meghan A. says:

      Maybe it’s because I moved so much as a kid, but keeping friendships alive is so important to me. I love all the wacky and wonderful people in my life. Definitely come on out, Maggie!

  2. Dude, Meghan, you’re amazing. Just had to say that. I love reading these kinds of lists. Knowing that I only privately post mine as a to-do list for myself when the thoughts come around, my lists are still only less than 10 goal long usually — you really mean business when you do these things! Such a role model. 🙂

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