January Quick Review

So much to write about, so little time. I promise, I have drafts of posts on several of my January megventures coming soon. Apologies too for the crappy formatting, need to fix.

20130131-173522.jpgKicked off the New Year with dear friends over an amazing dinner then danced the next day away with my roommates at Breakfast of Champions, continuing our annual tradition. Spent the beautiful late afternoon hiking up the hills of San Francisco and shouting my love for it to the world!

20130131-173554.jpgThough I did several hikes this month (I can’t get enough), a long-delayed one with friends new and old started 2013 off with waterfalls and scaling down cliffs. Definitely recommend Alamere Falls.

20130131-173620.jpgRang in my birthday in palindrome style. Taco cat was a huge success, as were the many incredible costumes that arrived (future post coming, I swear).

20130131-173650.jpgAnother post I owe is one on my SoCal Sojourn over MLK weekend. I got a $100 flight deal and this incredible cottage on AirBnB. Filled the weekend with friends, hiking, running/biking on the beach, art and beer. Oh, and of course, people watching.

Thanks to my dear friend Ingrid, I attended the opening night performance and gala for the San Francisco Ballet. Such a treat. And always fun to get dressed up. Found a wonderful dress at Goodwill, so splurged on ridiculously fabulous shoes.


After resisting in favor of posting most of my life privately on Path (which I still continue to do), I embraced Instagram for a personal art project. Successfully kept #Instahaight up as #dailyhaight through January. We’ll see if it continues daily or just “insta.”

Finally, started training for another go at the Oakland Half Marathon in March. Thanks to the Garmin I got for Christmas and some tips I learned in a Breakfast Basics class at 18 Reasons, my pace is improving. I’m once again raising money for CALICO, if you’re so inclined to donate (more coming soon).


About Meghan A.

creative & professional creative professional | communications, content & community | nasty woman | adventurer & inspiration seeker | bicyclist & feminist | walk san francisco board | current: Adobe Typekit Product Marketing Manager, former: TYPO SF magic maker
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