33 by 34: February Check In

20130211-123506.jpg Where the first month of my 33rd year went I cannot tell you. I can tell you that I’m off to a pretty great start with my new set of goals though. Let’s check in, shall we?

  1. Pay off one source of outstanding debt.
    No progress, sadly.
  2. Do yoga twice a week.
    I rocked this meeting or exceeding every week.
  3. Visit one of my four remaining states (Arkansas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Alaska).
    No progress.
  4. Publish one blog post per week.
    Barely eeked it out, but did it! Lots of blog posts waiting too.
  5. Devote one-on-one time to a different friend each week, either in person or by phone/long email thread.
    Glad I’ve brought this one back. Succeeded or exceeded each week.
  6. Eat a sit-down meal of one different type of ethnic cuisine each month (burritos & sushi to go don’t count!)
    I went to a pop-up called Cajunshire which married Yorkshire and Cajun food, but if that’s not going to count, Ritu and I went to Cha-ya where I finally had Japanese vegetarian food.
  7. Go to an 18 reasons event once per month.
    Made it to three (I can’t stay away). Single Origin Coffee Tasting (1/13), Breakfast Basics (1/23), Flavor in Spades cooking class (1/28). Learned a LOT at the breakfast class, including to always eat before my morning workouts (even yoga).
  8. Read one San Francisco-set/authored book per month.
    The Booksmith on Haight recommended The Confessions of Max Tivoli by Andrew Sean Greer. Oddly Benjamin Button-esque, although apparently the author had no awareness of the Fitzgerald story. This definitely clouded my reading of it.
  9. Send a letter or card to a different person once a month.
    My friend Jane is having a baby, so Auntie Meghan is going nuts with the presents.
  10. Try a new hike once per month.
    Exceeded! Did three hikes in Los Angeles (Topanga Canyon, Griffith Park to the Hollywood Sign, and Runyon Canyon), plus a loop at Rodeo Beach with my friend Annette.
  11. Use my digital camera once a month.
    Used it on my LA trip.
  12. See a different Bay Area band in concert each month.
    Eeked this one out, seeing Travis Hayes open for Glossary.
  13. Get a massage once a month.
    Purchased a massage membership at Yoga Garden, got mine last Friday.
  14. Watch an SF-set movie once a month.
    Last night I finally watched The Conversation with Gene Hackman. Still wrapping my brain around it.
  15. See a different visual arts exhibition each month.
    Saw a bunch! Went to the Kubrick exhibit at LACMA, as well as arranged a tour with the unbelievable Weisman Foundation (thanks Annette & Adrian) on my LA trip. There’s another art story too, but it relates to #25, so you’ll just have to hear about it another time.
  16. Do a San Francisco stairway or city walk each month.
    Although I did plenty of stairwalking in January on my “home from yoga” loop, I didn’t do one out of my books. Carrying over to do two in February.
  17. Participate in one community fitness event (5k, bike ride, etc.) each month.
    Two bike rides: Transportation History through ThinkWalks and the Bike Coalition‘s Love Your Lanes ride through the Sunset district. Also did the Valentine’s Dash and set a PR for my 5k time! 28:04!!
  18. Touch the ocean at least once per month.
    Pictured above, my feet in the ocean at Will Rogers State Park on January 20.
  19. Bike somewhere new once a month.
    Lots of this! Biked to Candlestick Park and also biked in LA, from Santa Monica to Marina del Rey via Venice Beach. There’s a bike story that relates to #25 also.
  20. Plan six SF outings, one in each of the following neighborhoods: Inner & Outer Sunset/Richmond, Bernal Heights, Glen Park.
    No progress.
  21. Use each of my SF organizational memberships at least once per quarter.
    Only 18 Reasons and the Roxie this month, need to get on it!
  22. See two movies at The Roxie each month.
    The Law in These Parts and Nico Icon
  23. Go to at least four performing arts events.
    I should have shot higher on this one for the year! Went to (and blogged about) 4000 Miles at A.C.T. and the San Francisco Ballet‘s Opening Night Gala & Performance.
  24. Attend one live game of each professional sports team in the area (Giants, As, 49ers, Raiders, Warriors, Sharks)
    Finally attended my first Packers game, to watch them lose to the 49ers.
  25. Do at least four things I previously said I’d never do.
    Not going to tell you all that I do in this category, but know that I did do something major and it was a “never” on many levels. And good lord, get your mind out of the gutter.
  26. Learn each of the San Francisco supervisors and their districts.
    No progress, although I did learn on my bike ride Saturday that the Sunset is getting a new supervisor.
  27. Schedule 1 hour per week to work on writing projects.
    About 50% on this one, so two extra hours of writing rolled over to February!
  28. Go to Yosemite.
    No progress.
  29. Run at least 500 miles.
    Ran 47 miles during the month of January…on track!
  30. Do a one week cleanse (no coffee, alcohol or processed foods).
    No progress.
  31. Travel to a new continent (Africa, Oceania, South America).
    No progress other than dreaming!
  32. Participate in a homebrew batch.
    Joined the Ladies Beer Club of homebrewers, hope to continue with them through a full batch!
  33. Relearn six words in Spanish each month.
    Downloaded the Babbel app and relearned my bebidas. Baby steps.

About Meghan A.

creative & professional creative professional | communications, content & community | nasty woman | adventurer & inspiration seeker | bicyclist & feminist | walk san francisco board | current: Adobe Typekit Product Marketing Manager, former: TYPO SF magic maker
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2 Responses to 33 by 34: February Check In

  1. Love this. You continue to inspire me. We should hang out — if not this month, then next. We could get beer!

  2. Also: Jane Kim is my supervisor. As usual, I did not vote for her. Before her, my district (6)’s supe was the notorious, infamous Chris Daly. Were you here then? Look HIM up. 😛

    Anyway, Jane Kim is OK. I don’t hate her like I hated Daly. She refuses to recite the pledge of allegiance at board meetings, but that’s really not that bad on the scale of “things SF Supervisors do that are crazy.” Quite honestly she has only done ONE thing of note during her first term — she voted that Mirkarimi should NOT be removed from his job, then spoke out to come out in SUPPORT of a recall of Mirkarimi led by the voters. Take that however you like; I tend to think that (in spite of how I want to feel) that is probably the “right” way to go about things. It’s also probably the only instance I can think of since I’ve lived in SF that a supervisor has NOT tried to grab all the power he/she possibly could, when presented with an opportunity. So … I guess she’s cool. Ish?

    Anyway, there’s the report from a District 6 member. 😉

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