33 by 34: Midyear Checkin

Lest you think I am not always aware of the goals driving my year, let me assure  you I am. Sadly, I’m hyper aware that I’ve neglected some of them. Let’s hope I get back on track for the remainder of my 33rd trip around the Sun. On the plus side, I have been fully embracing the greater theme YEAR OF NEVER this year, which I’d blog about, but I’d have to kill you. Read the book, if there ever is one!

  1. Pay off one source of outstanding debt.
    Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for one of my oldest, most asinine debts. Fingers crossed.
  2. Do yoga twice a week.
    With the exception of the first week in April (TYPO), I’ve managed to get at least once a week in and usually 2-3. I’m going to call this on track.
  3. Visit one of my four remaining states (Arkansas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Alaska).
    No progress, though entertaining the idea for the fall.
  4. Publish one blog post per week.
    Complete and utter failure.
  5. Devote one-on-one time to a different friend each week, either in person or by phone/long email thread.
    Definitely have! Sometimes its been small groups of friends or couples, but feel very lucky to have this many awesome people in my life.
  6. Eat a sit-down meal of one different type of ethnic cuisine each month (burritos & sushi to go don’t count!)
    Enjoyed Korean BBQ (twice actually), Chinese, Colombian (in Colombia!), and homemade Indian!
  7. Go to an 18 reasons event once per month.
    Started Farm School in May, which has just been wonderful so far. I also attended Anatomy of Thrift: Pork Provender in the Kitchen (3/19), the Eatwell Farm Dinner with Amber!, Soup for Supper, 18th Hour Cafe (to say goodbye to Rosie), and a Sour Beer class.
  8. Read one San Francisco-set/authored book per month.
    Really sucked at getting through a lot SF-centric. In four months have only covered The Brothers Sisters (Patrick deWitt) and Sidewalk Ritual (Scott Andrew James). I gotta say, neither overly did it for me. 
  9. Send a letter or card to a different person once a month.
    With my nephaux Will arriving in June, Auntie Meghan stayed on a rampage. I also sent Mother’s Day stuff and some more random mail.
  10. Try a new hike once per month.
    I hiked at Muir Beach AND Muir Woods during my silence, as well as at Fort Funston. Also 9 miles across mountainsides in Colombia (trying to finish that blog post).
  11. Use my digital camera once a month.
    Around the city and in Colombia, of course.
  12. See a different Bay Area band in concert each month.
    Went to the Rock-See benefit  (Thee Oh Sees / Sonny & the Sunsets / Future Twin / Assateague) and saw Warm Soda at Brick & Mortar, but the rest of my local music has been more classical. Caught the SF Symphony as well as the Resound Ensemble. Most recently, had the pleasure of seeing two classical Indian musicians play at my friends’ home.
  13. Get a massage once a month.
    Thank you massage membership at Yoga Garden. Sadly it’s been discontinued and looking for new plan.
  14. Watch an SF-set movie once a month.
    Rocked it early on with Garlic is As Good As 10 Mothers and local shorts at the Food & Farm Film Festival. At SFIFF, I caught Big Sur and the 1978 classic remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (both with the directors in person, heck yeah). Have really failed since. I have yet to even see Star Trek!
  15. See a different visual arts exhibition each month.
    Been really, really terrible about tracking these, although I know I see art all the time! Definitely made a concerted effort in Colombia, going to both the Museo de Antioquia and Modern Art Museum in Medellin.
  16. Do a San Francisco stairway or city walk each month.
    Really hit or miss on this, and it’s a shame. Did the Walk San Francisco guided walks in April (Presidio) and June (Land’s End). I also did one out of the Stairway Walks book — the Moraga Steps.
  17. Participate in one community fitness event (5k, bike ride, etc.) each month.
    Slacker me counts lots of Bike Coalition and Walk SF rides/walks. Athlete me only counts the Oakland Half Marathon in March (where I crushed my PR). I also did, of course, participate in Bay to Breakers.
  18. Touch the ocean at least once per month.
    I only failed to do so in May. Touched the Pacific at Muir Beach, Fort Funston and (my favorite) on my 7 mile run on June 29, which resulted in me running 2.5 miles ON Ocean Beach.
  19. Bike somewhere new once a month.
    SF Bay Trail (East Bay), Battery Caulfield Road in March/early April. Failed in April, but then did a Bogota Bike Tour, rode in Palo Alto (Caltrain bike car FTW). In Milwaukee, I rode the new parts of the Hank Aaron State Trail.
  20. Plan six SF outings, one in each of the following neighborhoods: Inner & Outer Sunset/Richmond, Bernal Heights, Glen Park.
    Both Inner Richmond and Inner Sunset are COMPLETE. Four to go!
  21. Use each of my SF organizational memberships at least once per quarter.
    Only 18 Reasons, Roxie, SFMOMA, SFFS  and SF Bike…still
  22. See two movies at The Roxie each month.
    Sadly have NOT been doing this enough. Saw: HAPPY PEOPLE: A YEAR IN THE TAIGA, ROOM 237, THE TATTOOED STRANGER, and MY GUN IS QUICK. Should be more!!!
  23. Go to at least four performing arts events.
    Previously completed, but obviously could add SF Symphony (did I mention with JANELLE MONAE — it was RIDICULOUSLY fantastic) and Resound Ensemble in there.
  24. Attend one live game of each professional sports team in the area (Giants, As, 49ers, Raiders, Warriors, Sharks)
    Giants and A’s.
  25. Do at least four things I previously said I’d never do.
    Beyond complete. I just can’t tell you yet.
  26. Learn each of the San Francisco supervisors and their districts.
    No progress.
  27. Schedule 1 hour per week to work on writing projects.
    A goal I need to take more seriously. Still…
  28. Go to Yosemite.
    No progress.
  29. Run at least 500 miles.
    Pushed myself to hit 250 by July 1. Signed up for the Giants Half Marathon on August 4 just to push myself further.
  30. Do a one week cleanse (no coffee, alcohol or processed foods).
    No progress.
  31. Travel to a new continent (Africa, Oceania, South America).
    Spontaneously booked a trip to Colombia. Such a fantastic adventure! I promise I’ll publish the blog one day soon.
  32. Participate in a homebrew batch.
    No further progress.
  33. Relearn six words in Spanish each month.
    Didn’t I relearn enough in Colombia to coast?

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