Celebrating Accomplishments or My Four Year Fativersary

August 2009

Yesterday I quietly celebrated my four year “fativersary,” of the day I started Weight Watchers – October 12, 2009. I am proud to have kept the majority of that weight off, although I’m issuing myself a 14 by ’14 challenge to get back down to my original goal weight.

I am posting about this again because I want to fight against how our culture shames women for ever being overweight, even if they “overcome” it. How many “once a fattie, always a fattie” jokes must I see on even normally great sitcoms? Also, why does fat have to equal bad or gross? And seriously, do women have no other qualities besides their bodies? I digress.


September 2013

Accomplishing a major goal should be something to shout from the rooftops, not something to mumble about. My weight loss showed me I could do anything, whether it be running long distances or moving to my dream city. I shouldn’t be nervous revealing to people I’ve met in my “new life” about my old life. I should talk about how it’s possible to make lifestyle changes, shift you’re attitude toward food, or make regular exercise a part of your life.

So I’m reminding myself that I did this. I’m re-patting myself on the back (cuz I can reach it now, hey-yo! C’mon, y’all that was just sitting there for me). And I’m going to publicly talk about trying to get rid of these 14 pounds.

Even if no one’s listening!


About Meghan A.

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3 Responses to Celebrating Accomplishments or My Four Year Fativersary

  1. CorinaWrites says:

    Hey thanks for linking to my article! And congrats on your progress, I find it very inspiring. 🙂

    • Meghan A. says:

      Glad such a perfect article popped up in my google search! Thanks for holding pop culture accountable.

      • CorinaWrites says:

        I never thought of my writing as doing that, but I like the idea! Holding pop culture accountable sounds like an important job 🙂

        I was SO disappointed to see another fat joke in the preview for next week’s HIMYM. It just never seems to end. We will both have to keep on fighting the good fight!

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