33 by 34: Autumn Checkin

MAB, Hilary and me during Peak2Peak.

MAB, Hilary and me during Peak2Peak.

It looks like I owe two months of updates. It’s still not my best year, but I’m trying even as life throws me unexpected turns:

  1. Pay off one source of outstanding debt.
    Alas, this is not going to happen this year, unless a winning lottery ticket is in my future. That said, I’m staying on top of my debt and provided I reign in my bootstraps a little, may have this thing beat by the end of my 35th year. Wouldn’t that be nice?
  2. Do yoga twice a week.
    Thankfully Yoga Garden had an Autumnal Equinox sale and I’ve been able to go for unlimited classes again. I faltered a bit in August and early September, but feel like I’m back on track.
  3. Visit one of my four remaining states (Arkansas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Alaska).
    See #1, I just don’t think this is prudent to happen before I turn 34. That said, perhaps by the end of my 35th year I’ll have all 50. That seems like a reasonable goal.
  4. Publish one blog post per week.
    Getting a little better at this, I think next year it may be two a month, just to be more realistic.
  5. Devote one-on-one time to a different friend each week, either in person or by phone/long email thread.
    Trying my best, especially while in a new relationship. I never want to be the disappearing friend.
  6. Eat a sit-down meal of one different type of ethnic cuisine each month (burritos & sushi to go don’t count!)
    In August I hit up The Ramen Shop in Oakland with my friend Paul. In September, the fantastic Yesh took me to an insane Bangladeshi restaurant in the East Village.
  7. Go to an 18 reasons event once per month.
    Finished Farm School and back in the swing for the remainder of the year with regular classes.
  8. Read one San Francisco-set/authored book per month.
    Whipped through Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In during my NYC trip, so straddling both months. 
  9. Send a letter or card to a different person once a month.
    Did a random mail day, plus mailed lots from NYC!
  10. Try a new hike once per month.
    Did Peak2Peak with Walk San Francisco in early September, followed by a lovely hike in Connecticut while visiting my Uncle Bob and Aunt Judie.
  11. Use my digital camera once a month.
    Brought it to Burning Man AND NYC.
  12. See a different Bay Area band in concert each month.
    Didn’t do so well in August, but attended the bike coalition’s Tunes4Tubes event and saw Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers at Hardly Strictly in September/early October.
  13. Get a massage once a month.
    Swapped out a massage for a facial in September, but failed at getting one in August.
  14. Watch an SF-set movie once a month.
    Didn’t do so great in August, but FINALLY saw Blue Jasmine in September
  15. See a different visual arts exhibition each month.
    I think Burning Man just counts for life, but I also went to the Divisadero Art Walk in August and The Met while I was in New York.
  16. Do a San Francisco stairway or city walk each month.
    Counting Peak2Peak since it was just that insane. Also, P. and I are working our way through the stairway walks book together and did the Marina & Presidio on in September.
  17. Participate in one community fitness event (5k, bike ride, etc.) each month.
    Another score for Peak2Peak. I also did the Bridge2Bridge run in early October.
  18. Touch the ocean at least once per month.
    Thanks to Hilary, I did after Peak2Peak. Then in late September, I rode my bike down to Ocean Beach to dip my hands in again.

    Biking in NYC!

    Biking in NYC!

  19. Bike somewhere new once a month.
    Right after Burning Man, I biked the opening of the East Bay Bridge span. Then, of course, I had a BLAST exploring NYC on CitiBike.
  20. Plan six SF outings, one in each of the following neighborhoods: Inner & Outer Sunset/Richmond, Bernal Heights, Glen Park.
    Only the Inner Sunset and Inner Richmond have been conquered. That’s four neighborhoods to go before January 11. Challenge.
  21. Use each of my SF organizational memberships at least once per quarter.
    Really, really bad at this one.
  22. See two movies at The Roxie each month.
    I can’t believe I failed at this twice. The good news is it’s movie season, with the weather getting crummier and crummier.
  23. Go to at least four performing arts events.
    Previously completed. But I did go to Sex in the City LIVE again.
  24. Attend one live game of each professional sports team in the area (Giants, As, 49ers, Raiders, Warriors, Sharks)
    Not sure if this one is going to happen.
  25. Do at least four things I previously said I’d never do.
    Burning Man!
  26. Learn each of the San Francisco supervisors and their districts.
    Finding I’m getting better, but not entirely confident I’d pass a test.
  27. Schedule 1 hour per week to work on writing projects.
    Nope, nope, nope.
  28. Go to Yosemite.
    Sigh. Only in my dreams!
  29. Run at least 500 miles.
    A couple of short running months, 28 & 23, but still on track for the year.
  30. Do a one week cleanse (no coffee, alcohol or processed foods).
    No progress.
  31. Travel to a new continent (Africa, Oceania, South America).
    Previously completed.
  32. Participate in a homebrew batch.
    No further progress.
  33. Relearn six words in Spanish each month.
    No. Still, means the same in Spanish.

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