WTFeminism: Why I’ll Never Use Pop Expert

Over the holidays I entered this incredible contest from travel site, ZOZI, attempting to win a crazy vacation to some exotic location. As an open-minded person, I love ZOZI’s focus on being intrepid and exploring the world. As with any contest, I landed on a million mailing lists fro ZOZI partners.


One of those is a site called Pop Expert, touting itself as a place for lifelong learners to connect with experts in different interest areas. It sounded at most, interesting, at worst banal.

I clicked over to the site to see what’s it’s about and was DISGUSTED to see an article by “relationship expert” Nancy Pina thrown in my face called “3 Reasons Not to Remain Friends with Your Ex.” This is the most 1950s, anti-feminist crap I’ve read in a long while. It’s sexist, insulting and downright unhealthy.

First, that any article in 2014 would focus on “how to bring the right man into your life,” as if women are nothing without one is just plain gross. Second, assuming that women clearly just want to sleep with men and can’t relate to them in other way is detrimental to moving forward as a society. Finally, discounting women like me who “view these relationships as a sign of emotional maturity” as silly feminists makes my blood boil.

For the record, I am friends with a few exes. Contrary to Ms. Pina’s “expert opinion” this has not prevented me from finding future healthy relationships, nor do I have some sort of big ex orgy every time I find myself single. Many of these men have helped me through really difficult times in my life and I value their opinions and advice much more than the bullshit conservative women like Ms. Pina are doling out.

For more fun, or aneurysms, check out some other gems from this woman on the same site.


Most troubling to me is that a site like this is promoting “experts” doling out one-sided, non-reality opinions as “factual” advice.

I consider myself a life-long learner and  some services on this site do look interesting. However, I’ll gladly take my business to organizations that don’t promote experts who believe women are second-class citizens not in charge of their own decisions.

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