A Few Words on Addiction…

I posted this as my Facebook status earlier today and it seemed to resonate with others. I thought maybe I’d blog it in case it helps some of you out there in the wider world.

One of the saddest aspects of witnessing the reaction to Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s death via social media is the absolute ignorance many of you demonstrate toward the nature of addiction. Hopefully this is because you’ve been so lucky as to never have to to face the beast head on in a loved one or yourself.

Before making a flippant post, I encourage you to learn more about addiction…even though it’s a scary thing to think about. After all, we’re all addicts in a way. Maybe it’s a “healthy” one like running or yoga. What do we NEED to use to escape the pressures of reality? Ironically, many of us, myself included, use films to escape. My poison tends to be fucked-up, dark films, like Happiness and Magnolia. I could give two shits about coked-up, “recreational” films of the Michael Bay ilk. Let me work out my issues with gut-punchers.

I’ve had two incredibly close friends go through hell and back with heroin addictions. One soldiers on, bravely facing straight on the mental illness she was self-medicating. The other, I don’t know. I hear reports he’s still alive, but I don’t know how he’s doing. Both of these people are two of the most intelligent, loving, incredible people I’ve ever known. Addiction doesn’t care.


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