Reflection Day 1: Cash Money

Yesterday I put my time where my mouth is and alluded to posting daily. So here we go.

How am I going to get 40 reflections? Well, I have 34 topics to ponder already under my nose.

Let’s start from the top. How am I doing and why do I want to ‘Go one week a month “cash only”’?

Truth is, I’m not doing wonderfully at this. BUT I do find when I do it, I spend less. It’s nice to say “okay, my wallet is empty, I’m done.” Like an empty plate. I am fairly okay at managing my finances big picture (or much better than I used to be), but there’s something good and old-fashioned, especially living in a busy city, to just live out of one’s pocketbook, even if there’s money in the bank.

Although, to be honest going ALL cash only, even for a week, would be nearly impossible. My bus pass is a card, my bills all autorenewal, and I’m sure my roommate wouldn’t (or maybe he would) appreciate a huge wad of benjimans for the rent.

What do you do to keep your daily spending in check? 


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3 Responses to Reflection Day 1: Cash Money

  1. Theresa dela Cruz says:

    I keep a spreadsheet of everything I buy and stay within a weekly allowance. It’s kind of insane.

  2. I’m in the opposite position – here in Niger, it’s an all cash economy. I’ve become quite the cash hoarder (with back-up stocks hidden in my house) because you never know when the ATMs won’t work and I never want to be late on my monthly bills, or run out of money to do fun stuff, etc. I don’t follow my spending too strictly cuz life is pretty cheap here, but if I notice that I’m going through cash faster than usual, I’ll make an effort to plan more low-key at home events.

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