Reflection Day 3: OKARND

Note: the yoga post should have been published on Friday, March 7. I’m a busy lady, don’t judge. Now back to regularly scheduled Day. 

I’ve been to Paris, but I haven’t been to North Dakota.

Today’s reflection: Visit at least two of my four remaining states (Arkansas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Alaska).

I’ve been lucky enough to travel around my own country and around much of the globe. Growing up on both coasts and spending my 20s in the Midwest, I find myself, at 34, with just four states left to check off my list – North Dakota, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Alaska (my airport rule is more than 5 consecutive hours spent in the airport and it counts. Kentucky may be my only “airport only” state at this point).

I feel before I continue to explore far-flung locales I should complete the puzzle of my own country first. I’m saving the tourist-friendly Alaska for last and venturing into three states I just haven’t had a reason to go to.

Thanks to frequent flyer miles, getting there is the easy part. But piecing together travel in those parts? Near impossible. There’s no or extremely limited public transport. Hostels? Forget ’em. And most campsites aren’t open quite yet in late April. It’s not going to be a cheap trip.

But I have 10 days to encounter real “America.” And with the divided state we’re in, I’m a little curious as to what that looks like.

What will I see that upsets me (answer: fetus billboard)? What will I see that warms my heart (baby animals)? What will surprise me? Will I feel content? Lonely? Will I make a friend? Will I get into an argument? Will my life be altered?

Also, as a woman traveling alone, I’m curious as to what I’ll encounter. I’ve been admonished for exploring developing countries solo, but rarely felt unsafe. Not sure what the case will be in our own US of A.

Apart from Teddy Roosevelt National Park and Hot Springs National Park, my agenda for these states is fairly wide open. And any lodging and car rental tips you have to reduce the cost of this thing would be much appreciated!

Ready to take on OK-AR-ND!


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