34 by 35: Six Month Check In


Now that I’m blogging again, I’m back on the wagon with my year goals as well. To be honest, at six months, some have fallen by the wayside, but I’m doing my best to stay on what I can!

Visit at least two of my four remaining states (Arkansas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Alaska). 
Hope to actually write up several posts based on my notes and photos from my journey across North Dakota, Oklahoma and Arkansas this spring. From toad racing to bison watching to tornado dodging, I have many tales.

Get one new stamp in my passport. While I had a Danish stamp in my previous passport, it was new getting it this time. That said, I also added Poland to my countries list this May when returning to Berlin. Revisits to Czech Republic and Spain allowed me to explore two new places – Prague and Mallorca.

Try a beer from 34 different breweries. It’s been a rough year, so there’s been lots of beer. I stopped officially counting in May, when I hit 50. I guess this goal was a little too easy – especially when traveling. It was definitely fun drinking local brews in OKARND!

Achieve something major professionally. I successfully directed my first TYPO San Francisco solo, with the help of an incredibly support staff and facilitator team!


Go to 100 yoga classes before my next birthday. I’m already at 73! Plus I’ve signed up for a yoga retreat in August (my first). Loving amping up my yoga practice this year. It’s been an emotional roller coaster, so it’s wonderful to have somewhere to be centered. Thanks, Yoga Garden!

Publish 34 blog posts. Absolutely slacked here. But now I’m at 14 and confident I can write about 20 things before my next birthday.

Bike in a different city or town each month. Probably should’ve made this “12” vs. “monthly,” but have done fairly well. I’ve biked in seven spots other than SF (and yes I know the Headlands are technically Sausalito, so it’s sort of 6.5): Washington DC, Marin Headlands, Sausalito, Berlin, Palma de Mallorca, Pollença and Long Beach.

Take six friends to 18 Reasons events with me throughout the year. I’ve gotten two friends to come with me and Amber and I are hopefully going to a rescheduled event at the end of the month. That said, please come with me to 18 Reasons sometime!

Read 34 books. I’m at 16 for the year! Follow me over on Goodreads to stay up to date.

Send 34 cards or letters. Only at 12. Need to step up my game.

Hike in 12 different counties. Glad I hit eight earlier in the year as hiking is on hold until after the marathon. I’ve hiked in California’s Contra Costa, San Francisco, Marin Counties. Traveling the U.S., I went to 4: Billings Co. (ND), Comanche Co. (OK), Sequoyah Co. (OK), and Garland Co. (AR). Counting the jurisdiction (Pollença) I visited in Mallorca as a county too.

Strategically evaluate my volunteer commitments and charitable donations. This one has been really critical in guiding me through a year where I need a lot of “me” time. It’s been hard to say “no,” but I’m less stressed.

Go to 12 concerts at 12 different venues. Was doing fairly well until marathon training slowed me down on this front. I’m still at eight, but I’m kicking myself at shows I’ve had to bail on due to long runs. I also haven’t really doubled up on venues either, so eight total concerts is low for me.

Buy something for a stranger once a quarter. Missed Q1, but hit Q2. Love that you can make someone’s day just by having cash at a cash only spot, even for something like coat check.

Watch 12 feature films in 12 different theaters. I’ve actually seen quite a few films this year, but only at five theaters. Working on this!

See a different visual arts exhibition at 12 different venues. Tracked going to eight different venues, that clumps the Paseo Arts District into one though. A great gallery area of Oklahoma City to check out!

Finish the San Francisco stairway walks book. Determined to pick this back up after the marathon. Paused due to personal reasons and come August I’ll be ready to attack again in earnest.

Run the San Francisco marathon. HOLY GOD! This will be complete in 2.5 weeks. More about what I’m doing it for here.

Go to 12 different beaches. I recommend a trip to a Spanish island if you want to hit this one. I’m at nine, only because I opted to combine beaches in towns into one beach each.

See 12 films at the Roxie. I’m already at six. Feeling good about hitting or exceeding this one.

Go to an opera, a ballet, a symphony and a play. My amazing friend Emily was in Verismo Opera’s double bill of Suor Angelica and Cavalleria Rusticana this past month. Opera down and seeing a friend star to boot!

Take one detox week a month. Three of six months. Not too bad. Thank you marathon training for this. I blame the other three on the rest of the whirlwind of crap this year.

Visit my friends in Long Beach and Sacramento. Long Beach complete and Sacramento train tickets in hand for next weekend!

Attend games of 3-4 different sports. Sharks and Giants. Getting closer.

No Progress

  • Go cash only one week a month. Definitely conscious of it, but not tracking very well. Plus it’s hard to truly do this.
  • Spend 30 mins or more in a different San Francisco park each month. Should’ve done “12 parks” instead. I kinda gave up on this one.
  • Pack my lunch at least 2x a week. Finding this one a bit tricky to track, but staying on top of it (and man does it save money!).
  • Go to Yosemite. Working on planning this.
  • Do 34 non-knee pushups in a row. Not gonna happen. That said, my planking is improving!
  • Try 34 different recipes. Cooking a lot, but not tracking or writing about it.
  • Go “off the grid” at least one day a month. A bit on my travels, but near impossible.
  • Purge 34 significant items from my life (e.g. books, CDs, clothes). Really hard to track this one!
  • Make a list of 34 moments this year that I’m grateful for. This will be a binge at the end of the year. It’s gonna be a helluva reflection.
  • Lose 15 pounds before 35. Losing weight and marathon training don’t get along.

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