Halfway to 35: Rediscovering Meghan


Today I turn 34 1/2. With the first, less-than-stellar six months of my 34th year over, I want to positively look ahead to rounding out my last year before I’m solidly “mid-thirties.” Coming out of a several-months-long fog, I’m ready to embrace rediscovering Meghan and tapping back into activities I truly love. Here’s how I’m picturing the rest of my year:

More Than Running

While I’m admittedly fairly excited (and definitely nervous) for my first marathon in two weeks, I’m more than ready to integrate other exercise back into my life. Post-July 27th I’ll be taking my yoga practice to a new level with a weekend yoga retreat and upping my practice at Yoga Garden. I plan to tackle the stairway walks book with vigor, doing 2-3 a week to finish by January. I can’t wait to hit area trails again too. Finally, I’d love to integrate some different cardio/strength into my routine, especially to drop the extra 15-20 pounds I’ve been carrying in my post Weight Watchers years. Thinking about spin, pilates, barre, boot camp…there’s also a new Fitness SF opening around the corner from the office. Options!

Rocking, Reeling and Reading

Remember when I used to be that woman who went to concerts solo? Who stayed up on music and out on school nights? I liked her. A combo of marathon training and differing music tastes made her go away for awhile, but she’s coming back. A few shows I’m already excited to have tickets for:

Some free concerts on my radar:

I also used to go to the movie theater more often. I’m been picking up the slack on that too, with lots of films on my list for the rest of the year. And I have a giant stack of books from the San Francisco Public Library to get through.

Keeping myself cultured!

New Adventures

Finding myself navigating life solidly solo again, I can both be spontaneous and plan things on my own schedule. Trying to be conscious of my own budget too, so nothing too crazy…until something “too crazy” is too good to pass up. After much contemplation, I’m not going to Burning Man this year, though hopefully next. Ideally, I’d like to get myself out to Yosemite and maybe another California National Park (I bought an annual pass at Teddy Roosevelt in North Dakota) before October. Another trip to Big Sur wouldn’t suck either. Trips to visit friends in Phoenix and Austin are also tempting, as well as my family in the Pacific Northwest (and reexploring more of the PNW as an adult).

Who knows where the world will take me, honestly?

How do you hope to finish out 2014?


About Meghan A.

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